The lighthouse on the sea of madness.  

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11/18/2005 6:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The lighthouse on the sea of madness.

Ten years ago I began a journey of loyalty, honor and absolute passion. That long, windsweapt voyage through the oceans of discovery is nearing it's final destination. My new shipmates will remain at my side no matter the heading, no matter our peril, we are bound for life, the life in our blood, forever. We can see the lighthouse through the fog and rain as our tired, lifeless ship creeks and groans with the undulating current. We see our destiny but not it's rocky shores. My souls shipwreck will soon, oh so very soon, lie at the bottom of the sea of madness.

I may sail again with new winds of love, new sails and hope, but my crew will remain-always.

I have a one tatoo. A light-house on my left arm. I am not a sailor, nor do I love the ocean. I am a lost soul on the sea of madness we call life. I am trapped on a ship with a loyal crew but mutany is eminent and unavoidable, a mutany of one. My crew honors me, askes for my guidence, my knowledge of the sea and it's perils. I walk the decks of my old, worn down ship with pride and resentment, knowing and feeling that, through the journey, I did my best to keep her straight even in the roughest seas. My old friend, my ship, I must go now, I can no long repair your damaged hull, your week masts and torn sails have left me stranded and weak for the last time. I will chisel a piece of you to carry with me through the sunset of my years, but nothing more.

I wrote a post prior to this that was eighteen, long, detailed paragraphs. My internet connection failed just before hitting the "post" button. If you cannot figure this story out, I'm sorry.

I love being here with you all, The reason I am here is because of the recent shipwreck of my heart and soul. I hurt so deep and there is more to follow, I have been scared by a stagnate woman. Her weapon of choice was ignoring me-for years. I have hidden the fact that I have little "shipmates". I'm sorry for the deception but I had never even sent and e-mail until this August-let alone venture into a site to meet people. My little guys are my life and last year, I almost lost one of them. I did not know what to expect here. Protecting my crew IS the captains job.

See ya.

PrincessKarma 43F
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11/18/2005 7:51 pm

Oh, dear... I see much more of you now.

*tosses out a life ring* Hang on, you'll reach the shore eventually, dear sailor. At the least you'll reach dry land on the isle of castaways, perhaps you may even find a new ship to sail.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

Synn74 42F
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11/18/2005 9:45 pm

Six.. your failure to reveal all till now does not change how I view are still all that I said in my "note" on your profile..
maybe even more now .. Your "crew" is lucky to have you as their captain in this life..may they all realize someday what a good man you are
(((( hugs)))))

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

frbnkslady 48F
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11/20/2005 4:35 pm

A man who can fight for his ship and crew, and bring them safely to shore, even if a bit battered.. is still a MAN... T


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