Park your bullshit bus on some elses curb.  

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11/22/2005 7:42 pm

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Park your bullshit bus on some elses curb.

For those of you that have been able to converse and/or e-mail me outside the confines of this site, you know a few of my "issues" and were advised of the reaction they invoke. Nobody has "invoked me" so don't worry. However, one uninformed member of this site managed to piss me off along several fronts without even getting to know me.

My list of "issues" is as follows:

A) I dislike stupid people. I'm not talking about the person who may be lagging behind in common-sense but people that know right from wrong and proceed down the road of life performing acts of repeated ignorance. Folks who's only purpose on earth is to piss-off those of us just trying to live a normal life- the fucking idiots that would regress all of mankind to the stone-age if left unchecked.

Lazy people-need I say more about these slovenly, sluglike humanoids that inhabit the arm-pits of society only to find themselves bitching they can't get fucked at places like this when in reality, the problem is that their too damn lazy to masturbate and want someone else to do the work. Fucking knuckle-dragging pimples on the ass of progress!

C) People that cannot mind thier own business- these are the folks that are a combination of the two previously listed. They are stupid for sticking their nose into other's lives and too lazy to have a life of their own so they invade your space looking for one.

D) Gossips-A combination of all three above listed but, once they have invaded your space, they spread the news around town like VD in a crack-house!

E) People that fuck-up my daily order of Coca-Cola at the drive thru of MacDonalds. I ask very little in life but this one, well, it's pretty simple and almost an addiction in life so, make sure it's Coke and not Diet Coke, Sprite, iced-fucking-tea, lemonaid or any other beverage that does not taste like mother-fucking Coke! I speak clearly into the microphone, so don't give me any shit when I pull-over the "white-whale", march my ass back inside and drive a foot up your stupid, lazy, to damn busy gossiping-ass because you were too busy minding someone elses business and not paying attention to my fucking simple request! Obviously this only relates to MacDonald's employees and managers but it seems to happen to me more often than it should.

Now, on to the crux of my new found aggitation. I was sent an e-mail within the last twenty four hours that said very little but stirred-up an anger in me because four of the five my "issues" were triggered by someone who knows very little about me. and no, she doesn't work at Mac-fucking-Donald's either! so, now that we are all on the same page, I will vent.

First things first. I am not here to entertain anyone! (remember, this post is directed at one person only.) I am here because I miss the affection of a fun, sexy woman that is willing to put forth an effort in the bedroom like I will. If a lifelong love follows, a fortunate man I will be. I am not here to gossip nor will I allow any gossipy shit to spread through the halls of this site-you want to stir-up shit with me, you better be looking me in the eye! You coward asshole!

I am also not here to be directed by you as to who's ass I will be burrying my face into, for all you know, I could fucking twenty women here. Irregardless of my current state of fornecation-It's none of your fucking business so go find something more constructive to do than sitting on your ass and prowling this haven for the "underfucked" and go get a God-damn job. Maybe being a private eye would suit you! You must have wasted hours researching my trail of interests. Fuck! for that matter, while your out finding a job, pick-up a fucking life while you brouse the want-adds!

I came to this site looking to meet new and fun people, I have met sooooo many good people. Unfortunately, in everybodies lives, some cross-wired fuck-up of a human being needs to slither into the path of our "joy rides" and temporarily skid us off the gold-brick road and down into the ditches of the dregs. Well, fuck-you honey, I'm running your ass over before you slime your way onto the curb of my path! get the fuck away!

I am a busy guy right now, things are slowing down but, sometimes, I barely have time to post something on my blog-like the "booger" thing this morning. I pulled that one out of my ass in about four minutes and then I was off to work. I try very hard to reply to my posts and ALL of my e-mail's. Sometimes, I just cannot get back to everyone. Now why is that statement important here? Because the person in question here seems to have issues with that, well,well,well! Guess what lady? I am not obligated to post shit on my blog, reply to any e-mail from any-fucking-body or even aknowledge that you exsist-I simply cannot find any contractual agreement with AdultFriendFinder that FUCKING says so.

Now, read carefully young Miss, I WILL WRITE THIS ONLY ONE TIME! The next time you choose poke your nose in my business, I will not only disclose who you are and what your doing in post after post after post that you will be shunned from participating in anything other than on-line chess clubs. I also have more than enough will power and resources to purchase billboard space in your hometown so that all of the locals know how fucking ignorant and inconsiderate an asshole you are. (hmm, maybe that would be stupid on my part-I'm sure they already do!) Try getting fucked then! Don't bring your sorry, gossipy, childish horse-shit into my little acre of cyberspace again! I will fire only one warning shot (this-one!) and then the gloves are off.
You know who you are and what your attempting to do, don't bore me. Oh yeah, maybe I'll send you the bill for all the broken keys on this keyboard from writing this! Maybe the box of band-aids I've wrapped the ends of my bloody fingers with will be included too. Fuck-off and stay out of my business.

Other than that unfortunate business, I had a good a day and will now proceed to visit my mailbox and maybe a more pleasant blogpost. Hey, when I tell people that I put-up with very little bullshit, I mean it, life is too short to be wasted on wastful people.

See ya.

LustGoddess2469 50F  
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11/23/2005 6:42 pm

Note to self: NEVER piss this guy off - ever!


frbnkslady 48F
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11/23/2005 7:10 pm

Wow.. had to re read it a few times to make sure it wasn't aimed at me.. I truely hope it is not..T


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