I smacked my head on the cieling fan trying to mount her!  

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10/20/2005 7:54 pm

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I smacked my head on the cieling fan trying to mount her!

Have you ever done something so stupid in bed that all you could do was laugh? You couldn't even be embarrassed-even after you started fucking? One night after a wonderful bathing from a beautiful brunette, oh, man! @%#*$FY#@ -Sorry! My dick just hit the keyboard! Oh, Lord she was hot!

Excuse me for a few minutes, I have to go kill a snake!

Okay, much better! My hands hurt but my pecker will no longer be in the way of my typing.

Anyway, after the bath from heaven, this wonderful bathing beauty invited me into the bedroom. She paused at the doorway and asked me to get her some grapes from the fridge while her hand firmly but gently stroked the front of my towel. Her green eyes, that little nasty smirk, damn-it! hold-on! no, well, hmm....... ohhhh-...nope, I'll be okay. "Go away boner! I'm trying to write here!" baseball,baseball......basebaaaaaaalll!

I strolled over to the kitchen and collected some grapes in my hands, Don't ask me why, I, to- this-day, have no clue what the compulsion was. I turned around and sprinted for her bedroom, accelerating to at least twenty miles an hour! I sailed through the door-way and into the air!!!........up and over the antique rod-iron bed and into the sky like superman!

Her eyes opened wide, her jaw dropped, she scooched over and witnessed me bang my head off the ceiling fan "clank" and into a heap at her side. Fucking grapes flying and landing all around, The bed bouncing from the impact. luckily I didn't break any glass or her for that matter.
She broke-out laughing trying to comfort my dented scull. "What the hell were you thinking?"
she asked through her laughter. "Apparently I wasn't" I moaned.
I just realized something-even if I had cleared the fan, how the hell would I have caught myself anyway? My hands were full of grapes!-how fucken stupid is that!?! I wasn't even drinking, this was all-natural stupidity! No excuses or blame to be found!

My head hurt so bad but I couldn't stop laughing, nor she. I can't stop laughing right now and this happened eight years ago! I finally cleaned the few smashed grapes from my hands and attempted to finish-off what should have been more romantic interlude. We actually had fun later but it took four aspirin and constant laugh-interruptions but everything came out okay.

What stupid things have you done or witnessed?

Yeah,yeah, Stupid men. time to put the shovel up for a while. See ya.

(Princess Lips)

11/3/2005 7:45 am


Did you see Myth Busters?


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11/20/2005 2:49 pm

LMAOOOOOO................ oh too funny....T


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