I am human.  

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11/10/2005 6:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I am human.

Okay, first off, thank you all for the wonderful compliments and if I could, I would love you all!
I think however I may need to inject a good dose of reality into the mix. Here is a list of things that may remove some of the shine from my displays of late.

A) I have shown every one of the things displayed in my recent posts and will continue to do so. Then why, after three or four months of dating, do women begin to get lazy about upholding thier end of the deal. I behave this way not to get "let in the door" but to find a woman willing to give me the same. Fair isn't it? I hate contentment and stagnate relationships.

I am one of those wierd people that can listen to the same song (not CD) for days or even weeks on end.

c) I drink Coke in the shower every morning.

D) I am learning to play piano-noisy! and will not stop until I have mastered it. I wouldn't mind banging some keys around fantasy of mine on it either!

E) I can cuss like a sailer on a drunken bender.

F) I give very nasty responses to nagging.

G) There isn't a return to my life if one badly breaches my trust.

H) I talk to myself, mostly at work but..........

Sometimes, I work a lot, but always make-up for it with long vacations.

J) I have to shave or wax my back! oh-no! ape-man!ape-man! run for your lives! and yeah, the waxing shit hurts.

K) I am patient beyond most people. For some reason, women seem to want to see what I'm like angry so they push me to find out. I am not fun to argue/fight with (especially if I know for a FACT that I am right) and would prefer to discuss things. I never call names but will get "in your face" if so desired.

I do not do drugs but, will get good and drunk sometimes.

M) I keep my "good guys" trimmed and some places (nuts!) shaved. I appreciate the same effort from a lover. A jungle scene will send me running every time!

N) I do not "hang-out" with any one group of people. I have very wealthy friends, female friends and some friends that are lazy and some that are assholes and nothing like me.

I will not change my persona/life for a woman. little things, maybe, sure. If you want to dress your man, tell him how to speak and walk, well, I'll just say: "NO! and then show you the door!" I am what I am. Relocating maybe, You would have to be wonderful-I just moved here!

P) I play X-box about four hours a week. Need I say more?

Q) I tolerate very little bullshit from anyone. I am not an asshole about this but our society is inundated with bullshitters! So, I combat the problem with ease and almost a pleasurable bluntness-even if I just met the person!

R) I do not speak to either of my parents.It's a long story and not be discussed here.

S) I sold a firearm today but still have more. I do not hunt but am a firm believer in my right to present a weapon in protection of my property,self and loved ones.

T) I am a lazy person that must fight the urge constantly to flop down and do nothing. I rarely "lounge around" but it's true.

U) I love sex!!! And I'm not joking. Don't fuck my brains out for a month and then taper off to a once-every-two-weeks, no oral, at ten-o'-clock at night quikie-I'll be gone. I'm not a nimpho but could have sex twice a day every day if allowed-Once again-I'm not joking or boasting.

V) Most of the time I only shave every three days.
My facial hair is very non-directional and shaving every day hurts my face. If you need clean shaven all the time-sorry.

W) If you have liberal underpinnings, I am the "root of all evil" and here's why.
1) I own a coorperation.
2) I work with wood-exotics sometimes, as long as they are harvested and not pilfered.
3) I drive a truck that gets 12-13 miles to the gallon.
4) I build homes sometimes.
5) I, like stated earlier, own handguns.
6) I hate unions-all of them.
7) I rode bulls for twelve years-PETA people stay away! I do not abuse animals in any way but us rodeo guys still catch hell even if we're retired.
I served in the military and would do it again.
9) I am not a fan of income redistribution.

X) I do not spell worth a shit! My mother was an english teacher so maybe I have some deep seated, hidden anger towards her. Maybe it's burried so deep my brainshovel can't even reach it!

If there is anything else anybody would like to know-just ask, I don't bite. Well, maybe your ears or gently on your..................Oh ladies, you make my day!

See ya.

curious082385 31F
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11/11/2005 2:06 am

And that post was supposed to do.....what?...convince me that you aren't as wonderful as we all seem to think?
Sorry, my dear, it didn't work!
It is your honesty and your humanity that attracts our attention.

Synn74 42F
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11/12/2005 11:32 pm

*raises hand* I have a question..
what is your fave brand of Tequila.. j/k

Me and you are alike on the song thing I am doing it now i think the song has been on constant for 3 days and counting..

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

PrincessKarma 43F
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11/15/2005 12:19 am

Uh... only 4 hours a week? Not 4 a day?? FREAK!!!


Really, it's nice to se someone not consumed by gaming *hugs 63* Too bad you can't shave daily... I have a serious trauma about facial hair.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

(Princess Lips)

11/17/2005 10:09 pm


can listen to songs insanely lol

Can cuss with the best of them, and be a lady in the same breath...

I love that you want to lounge...lol

I'm allergic to BS as well...

Love guys that use thier hands to create...

Like scruffy sometimes...clean others...

Want a real cowboy

and I can't spell either...lol



frbnkslady 48F
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11/20/2005 3:45 pm

I can cuss with the best of them.. raised around truckers, military, farming and firemen...lol
I do not mind scruffy.. love the rugged look infact..
We all have family issues. My mom passed away over a yr ago and I still have not cried.. personal.. YES.. its mine..so I understand.
I like guns, and can shott.. PETA.. People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.. sorry for those of you out there.. and no, will NOT accept email from you.. and YES, I DO support the Girl Scouts up here learning hunting skills. GET OVER IT.. YOU would not be here if your ancestors didn't hunt. I own no tropheys.
I complety support our military. With my heart and soul.. they protect my freedom at their cost to them and their family. T


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