Fake ?  

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11/24/2005 8:48 pm

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Fake ?

I have read many posts the last couple of months about women who fantasize about being "fake" . With an imagination like mine, I can think of absolutely awful things that would send most of you running but mostly fictional "monsters and alien" type stuff. Sometimes I even try to scare myself with my own thoughts and occasionally-I do! Why would any woman want to even fake a . I am perplexed.


11/24/2005 9:39 pm


rm_DaphneR 58F
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11/24/2005 10:03 pm

It's probably more of a wish for a man to take total control.

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frbnkslady 48F
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11/24/2005 11:36 pm

This has been touched on before. Tamethytension wrote a blog on it awhile back I believe.
These women have hopefully never been , have known anyone who has been. This is NOT a fantasy. This is a SICK perversion.
They should visit a crisis shelter/center to see how those who have been are traumatized, and most for life.
Some who are lucky are able to move on, and rejoin life. I know, I was at age 7. And I hope he rots there in prison.


curious082385 31F
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11/25/2005 4:39 am

I couldn't pass this one by without saying something...

I think that Daphne has the right of it, that it is a desire to have him totally take control and to be completely dominated, but for the most part those fantasies are held by woman who have never come close to being .
That being said, it is not something to be played around with or to be taken lightly. Woman's lives have been destroyed by . It isn't something that just "goes away", it's with you for the rest of your life and the best you can do is accept that it happened and do your best to move on. Some can, some can't.

PrincessKarma 43F
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11/25/2005 5:02 am

fantasies are usually entertained by women who want to enjoy sex but are too repressed to even admit it. Being " " puts the "blame" of her having sex on the man. Some of it may just be role-playing, but it's still wrong on so many levels.

No sane woman who has been or molested would consider this for even a moment. I was molested at seven, too; he didn't me but I have no doubt he intended to. Nobody ever did anything about it and although I too have moved on and rejoined life, after 25 years I still have nightmares about it.

No decent man would ever fantasize about a woman either. is not about sex but about power, control andd humiliation.

As for the tentacle thing... you've been watching too many japanese porn 'toons, dude.

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Synn74 42F
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11/25/2005 6:40 am

I agree with PK.. isn't the act itself but the power it gives to the perp..I was almost at 14 in a public swimming pool by 2 older boys I was half naked and screaming thank god the life gaurd noticed and got me out of there.. to this day I see those 2 in the store and I cringe and go cold..

any woman who "thinks" she wants to role play a should rethink her words of choice
I think domaint/submissive would be a better choice of words..

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LustGoddess2469 50F  
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11/25/2005 9:55 am

I don't think it is so much a fantasy of actually being , but more a fantasy of totally giving up any and all control to the man. Some women, myself included, are completely turned on by a man that is aggressive in the bedroom (or wherever the moment occurs). I think alot of it has to do with the fact that I have to be in control of so many factors in my life constantly (my job, my house, my boys, my bills, etc.) that to be in a situation where I have no control whatsoever, where the man has taken all control away from me, even if just for a short time, is incredibly appealing and extremely exciting. Now, I'm not saying that I would want this EVERY time, but it's a nice diversion and I think it adds some animalistic passion to a relationship.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, turn ons and turn offs, and to each their own. Who are we to judge anyone else? I don't condone , or sexual predators - but if some consenting adults have that fantasy, then that is their right.


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