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11/28/2005 9:36 pm

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Have you ever gone through one of those times when every thing you do, no matter how fucking experienced in the act of life you are, everything turns to shit? I have had a year of it!
You won't fucking believe this!

1) Slid on the ice in Denver and ran my beautiful charcoal-gray Excursion over a fire hydrant-two days before Christmas and guess what my insurance provider informed me? Yup, even though you have never filed a claim in five years, were going to raise your rates-I slid on the fucking ice!

2) Had to purchase a new heater for my shop. I ended-up purchasing and returning three before one of them lasted more than a day. These were the $600.00 variety, I was at least hoping for a year of uninterrupted service!

3) Bought a new briefcase on-line. A simple purchase and delivery right?-you should have seen the dent!

4) Lost my silver and turquoise watch that my father gave me when I was twenty-one. I wore it everyday and night unless it needed a repair. It's gone.

5) A friend of mine (former) tried to stiff me out of twelve thousand dollars. ????????? what the fuck? My lawyer helped loosen his pockets.

6) Gas prices go through the roof when I am moving my family from Colorado. Three fucking times! I'm fucking cursed!

7) When I purchased this house in NH. The woman I bought it from disappears for three days after the closing while harboring twenty thousand dollars of my cash (check wouldn't clear!)-too long of a story to elaborate but none-the-less, caused me a hell of a lot of short term stress and she's the mother of my cousin's wife!

My three year-old decides to play superman and climbs out of his two-story window and falls about fifteen feet-another story too detailed for this post! He was okay but talk about how SMART and tough kids are. The gray hair will be coming much sooner than I wish!

9) U-joint fails in Ohio on the last trip from Colorado. For those of you that know what this is, It's not fun to repair in a shop! Try it with hand tools and three small children asking "are you done yet Dad?, are you done yet?............ "

10) My own mother totally botches a great real-estate deal and lowers my net worth by six figures! I have not spoken to her since-she made money, I guess that's what matters huh? FUCK!

11) My furnace in the Colorado home was infested with flying ants and completely clogged the flue so the entire unit had to be dismantled, cleaned and re-assembled! Fucking gross it was!

12) Left the third row seat of my Expedition in Colorado. It's probably still sitting there by the front door of the shop, it was the last thing to load and well, oops, it didn't make it.

13) In another post I will elaborate on the nine-yes-nine! Near fatal car accidents/mishaps I averted like the tire from a mini-van that literally flew over my head at 75mph!

14) The day before moving here to New England, A fucking blizzard decides to visit the Denver area. Yeah, two days inside, with the kids, all of their toys, books and bikes are already loaded. Nothing but a TV, milk and munchies. For those of you with kids, you understand! Barney and Nick-Jr are not on all fucking day-my cable was disconnected the day prior! The things one can invent to entertain kids!

15) My daughter's arrival was nearly four months early, three months early.................Six nights were spent in the Emergency room before she showed-up on her due date. Nothing you can do but every-time it happened, I was nowhere near them, stressful? just a fucking little!

16) My mother and father refused to bring my boys to the hospital after my little girl was born. You will not FUCKING BELIEVE THIS! because my mother had just put a roast in the oven and it was dinner time! I drove the thirty miles and got them, needless to say my parents stayed clear of me for several weeks after!

17) What else? Hmm, Oh yeah, one of my kids got snatched-need I say more. He's fine now.

1 I landed some great contract work in Salem NH a month ago, tomorrow I have to go (in person) to see what the hell the hold-up is-nothing comes even close to easy anymore!

19) Every woman I would love to meet, spoil and fuck like a mad rooster here at AdultFriendFinder, IS TEN MILLION MILES AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK! FUCK!......................................................AWE FUCK!

I know, I sound like a crybaby but this is only about a third of the actual list! I do feel a little better after venting my misfortunes and writing the word FUCK over and over does have some stress relieving qualities. No, not smiling yet, I think I'll go beat my meat with a cheese grater-that'll take my mind of my fucked-upped-ness!

See ya! and don't feel sorry for me, people with far less are suffering far worse than me!

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11/29/2005 3:42 pm

lol.... I feel for you.. I really do... But the ones with the kids made me laugh... I only have to 2. I am surprised he has made it to adulthood. He will be 20 in Feb. DAMN AM I GETTING OLD>>>chit chit chit

Please take care.... I hope this New Year will be 'yours'..T


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12/1/2005 11:52 am

okay babe where do I send the double stuffed oreo's

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

(Princess Lips)

1/8/2006 11:58 pm

*less than 10 million miles *

life keeps yah on your toes...


fate is a bitch!


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