Are you worth a fuck?  

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11/7/2005 10:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Are you worth a fuck?

Are you worth a fuck? Do you put out enough effort in your profile to even garner a fuck?
What is it that you are willing to tell and/or show a man, (not a punk loser or whine-tit that couldn't get laid by a two dollar whore guy either.) A man with honor, with self respect and a job or business. Guys that want a women to respect them as much as they themselves desire.

What is it that your willing to show people in friendship that would make a man trust you enough to put his most prized possession inside your body? In your mouth-which has teeth! If you think a "snatch" close-up is your ticket to the cock-circus you may be right, you may also wake-up with flea circus in your panties too. Good men don't want to see your twat, We want to see your face first so that we know what hell we may be waking-up to if things work-out. What do you think we do, lick the damn screen? stupid. (I'm sure, some asshole somewhere, does it every day but, not good guys.) If your hell bent on displaying your "little clammy", send it in an e-mail.

I actually read a profile a few weeks back that said this: I'm just your typical free spirit roaming the earth. Followed by: I'm not sure of what I want right now, write me and we'll see.
I'm fucking sorry, If your too lazy to write something even remotely close to being interesting, then, your probably too lazy to fuck as well! I actually wrote that to her! I have no idea why she didn't respond?????? I can be a tiny-bit mean sometimes-oops!

I'm sure most women here realize that the ratios of men to women is about ten to one. So, once the cupid shit is added in, the restrictions put on us by potential suitors and a load of other human "fucked-upped-ness". The ratio dwindles to about two-hundred to one. I have received about 135 e-mails in two and a half months. Some replies and some out of the blue. Is that good or bad for a man? I really don't care all that much but please ladies, there are good men here looking for that someone to befriend first, trust second and fuck the hell-out-of lastly. Are you worth a fuck? Am I worth a fuck?

And ladies, I wouldn't trade being a man here for the world! I'm sure your "not worth a fuck"
inbox is far fuller than mine! love ya ladies!-at least the one's that are worth a fuck! See ya.

curious082385 31F
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11/8/2005 8:23 am

(amused smile)
Some people will never see, my dear. I, for one, agree 100% with you...don't ask me to put in the effort of replying to you if you won't put in the effort to tell me a little about yourself, either in your message, blog or profile.

634694u 46M

11/8/2005 7:53 pm

Hey stinker! You of all people know I'm nice, just a little irritable sometimes! And where the hell is my list? fix this, fix that........haha!

Curious- Is that a little hint?

LustGoddess2469 50F  
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11/8/2005 10:34 pm

63 - You tell I?

Just curious.


frbnkslady 48F
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11/20/2005 3:18 pm

LOL.... I like looking at all hte pics.. but I am generally laughing at most of them.. I am partiial to the 'death grip' shots... its like damn, do you think we can rech through the screen and take him from you.. LET HIM BREATH... and go back to his normal size... you damn sure will not be able to squeeze him like that while he is inside someone..lmaoooo
I have no shots below my waist posted... those are email only...T


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