First time at a swing club.  

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6/2/2006 6:11 pm

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First time at a swing club.

I decided to write this in response to questions posted in Capital Sex Group and some that come up while talking to other couples.
I'm hoping that guests to this blog will offer their points of view and/or updates. Please remember that this is a recount of personal experiences and it might not reflect the experiences of others. As with every blog, the most recent entry is posted first, so it will probably make more sense to read the oldest entry first. Here it goes:

First swingers club experience.

If you read blogs in chronological order, you know by now what kind of a person my wife is, so you can pretty much guess what she was wearing for her first visit at an adult club. Later, much, much later one of the owners of B&B told us that they picked us (or her rather) as the most likely to never visit the place again, contest winner.
So here we were ‒ we called in first to register, showed up at the door and were presented with an application for membership form. To my wife’s horror, she had to divulge her name and address to owners of a sex club. I think that the only thing that kept her from running away at that point was that I said that I’m not leaving. Faced with the possibility that I will be by a bunch of sex starved ladies, she chose to stay at my side to protect me. OK, so we walked in and somehow no one made us do anything kinky. I mean the first impression was a bit anticlimactic - if we did not know that we were in a swingers club, we would not have guessed. The place looked like a poor version of a dance club, or rather like a small town, fire hall dance. One floor in a commercial building, holes in the walls, bunch of tables with chairs, a few couches, stereo system, bar, a small dance floor, a few people dancing ‒ nothing like I imagined at all. We grabbed couple of glasses at the bar (place is BYO chose an empty couch and proceeded to gawk at people. After a good look it became rather obvious that this is indeed a place we signed up for. As it was early, the party has not quite started yet so most people were dressed as they would in a regular club. The select few ladies wore clothes that they would wear in a regular club as long as they were trying to get and/or arrested. The initial shock at actually taking the step to show up at the place faded in an hour or so aided by a few stiff drinks and we started exchanging comments about other people. I guess the main thing that struck us once we passed the point of being shocked by the in your face nudity was how ‘normal’ the people in the place were. The best way to describe it is to imagine a walk at the shopping mall. If one was to take the average crowd of shoppers and imagine them without their clothes on, one would have a pretty good idea of the body types, ages and looks of the people at the club. My wife had a grand time pointing out to me the more shocking sights. She would say ‘Oh, look at this’ pointing at a sixty something, extremely overweight, tattoo covered lady wearing only stockings and hills, then laugh her head off when I recoiled at the sight. I in turn would point out the more yummy looking ladies and we would comment extensively on the clothes, body shapes, blonde vs. brunette (she prefers brunettes) and actions of other people. Of course no one approached us since as soon as someone looked in our direction, my wife would make the ‘I will kill you if you talk to me’ face and the person would back away ASAP. Overall we had a load of fun. While the only sex we had that night was at home involving only the two of us, it was more exciting then usual, spiced up by the visit at the club and more importantly, we learned that the swing club is nothing to be afraid of. We were back couple of weeks later, a bit more relaxed that time but still not ready for anything, then a 5 or 6 visits later it actually happened ‒ my wife was approached by a lady who …
To be continued…

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6/5/2006 9:09 am

HOw long ago did you visit B&B? From the sounds of your posting,it was some time back. Do you still go?

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