lazy Saturday Days in Sydney  

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3/4/2006 3:28 am

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lazy Saturday Days in Sydney

What a fantastic Saturday it has been, met some friends for lunch, relaxed in the sun had a massage from an amazing Chinese lady. Great dinner with a good friend (more on that later).

It’s Mardi Gras night here in Sydney, my favourite part has to be the “dykes on bikes” not the best scenery but hey they’re making a very clear statement about their sexuality and don’t mind flashing a few sweeter puppies around for all to see.

So I have a problem and I’m hoping there will be a lady (or more) who can assist with some advice. I have a friend who is a “friend with benefits”, she’s a little inexperienced but willing to give things a go. She likes fingers up her arse, however she can’t work up to having my cock put up there, she ends up in a serious amount of pain. I rate my size as average size don’t worry I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet.

What I would like is some hints from those ladies out there who are experienced and still remember what it was like early on. I’ve had plenty of arse in the past and never rush it I just don’t know what else to do here.

Thanks in advance

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