The night I nearly paid for sex  

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3/5/2006 1:39 am

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The night I nearly paid for sex

I was out with a friend last week having a few quiet drinks at the local pub as we like to do from time to time. We were talking about the amount of travel I used to for work ‒ I spent about 18 months over three years living out of suitcases in various countries. Out of no-where she spurted out a question:

K: “So did you ever pay for it?”
Me: “no, let me buy you another drink” I laughed as I went off to buy her a drink (the irony escaped her).

A few minutes later I arrived back with her favourite double bourbon and coke (personally I think good bourbon should be on the rocks but I digress). Having time to think about the question and the answer still being a bit shocked that she thought strongly enough that I might have to ask me.

So I asked her what should thought “paying for it” meant.

Me: “K so what is paying for it? here’s the drink I just bought you.” (rye smile on my face)
K: “well you know finding a prostitute and paying for it”
Me: “so buying you drinks, you getting drunk and wanting to come home with me isn’t paying for it?”
K: “fuck you, I'm not a whore…”

By this stage I was laughing my arse off, knocked over my beer and eventually got her to calm down. However, I was initially quite shocked at the question. Despite walking down the streets of NYC pissed as a fart and being propositioned, never. Despite spending far too many nights drinking in Lan Kawi Fong, never.


K: “that’s not like paying for it”
Me: “Sure it is, what about a guy buying a girl flowers, dinners, rings, gifts, etc, etc hoping to get his girlfriend to hand it over?”
K: “that’s different!”
Me: “I dunno…. I think most guys end up paying for it.” And I’ll leave the conversation here

I don’t have a point here, I'm just sharing a conversation and please don’t take it too seriously I haven’t.

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