In other news... boring diatribes of the weak  

5dock 39M
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3/7/2006 6:42 pm
In other news... boring diatribes of the weak

Its shaping out to be another long day in the office… an internal restructure has me taking over staff in Singapore and I get to spend most of my day doing the meat and greet.

Listening to one of them rant on I started noting down a list of things where my time would be better spent:

1. sailing
2. writing my blog / reading other peoples blogs
3. sleeping mmmmmm need some sleep
4. drinking
5. sleeping
6. eating and drinking
7. fanaticising about AdultFriendFinder members
8. anything but sitting here
9. in a high speed car chase
10. wondering around aimlessly

anyway got to go back in to round two of the diatribe maybe you’ll hear about me on the news tonight

“Respected company’s Infrastructure Manager goes postal in the Datacentre Kills 7”

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