Food for my eyes!!  

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12/29/2005 6:19 pm

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Food for my eyes!!

We all have that one soft spot that goes against all the common sense, logic and experience we've gathered, I am not talking about all you women out there (don?t be so vain!). Such a weakness can get us , both men and women, into trouble and/or pleasure. That weakness can be a fondness for alcohol, a love of illicit drugs, a gambling habit, an inability to control your debts, being unreliable, an incapability to keep your mouth shut, having a sex addiction, or being a brute who idolizes Mussolini and the other guy with the funny mustache (not Charlie the other guy).
Hey you know I know, I?m not immune (may be you are?). As much as I practice what I preach, I have a weakness too, and it's always been the sight of well-defined, shapely, long, short, au naturel, fully or partly covered with nylon or otherwise dressed (latex, whipped cream?), but mainly legs.

Watching an angelic brunette with legs that can melt butter (and at times or depending of availability, that weakness spreads to blondes, red heads, even green haired. Ah! The sight of such ladies, showing, half covering their legs, accompanying this (food for the eyes) with racks that would make Costco blush, I am not referring only about size but on their natural attractiveness for the male?s eyes..). Though said Angels can cause my most primal urges to get the better of me, I can still keep my pants on. It's a habit that won't destroy me, may get me wet but sometimes love can mess things around other times straight out messy

Sure, I love my weaknesses and I?m trying to keep them firmly under control so that it does not affect the rest of my life. I especially keep my "weaknesses" away from my businesses, so that the two never cross paths. So I have some habits--some bad, some good--but I'm smart enough to know when a habit gets out of control and has the potential to wipe me out. Some people can't make that distinction, so I dedicate these lines to you.

Because I was there !

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