Blow up (the film, not the doll inflating action)  

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8/23/2006 7:08 pm
Blow up (the film, not the doll inflating action)

Hi there.

Recent experience with this and other sites of this variety made me think it might be somewhat interesting to start writing here.

I watched Antonioni's "Blow Up" tonight for the 5th time. It's a strange, almost plotless film. The film's characters are all stereotypes - they only sometimes have first names.
In the midst of all this non-identity I thought about this site, and other places more publicity mad than others. It's almost all about creating a stereotyped image of what the person is....think of how many 'introductory' missives start with "I". From the get-go, we're given a pre-fab person. My participation on this site is somewhat tempered by that fact -- I'm not comfortable with such a concerted effort to 'be me" indirectly.

So back to "Blow Up."The slightest deviation from what David Hemming's character portrays as life (namely, his finding a very odd and hard-to-see picture of a dead man) makes him spin like a top. He doesn't quite know what to do. To the extent he can do what he knows (romp with nubile British teens and models) it's auto-pilot extrordinaire --- the velocity is locked in.

At the same time, aren't the 'types' we portray indicative of something about the person carrying them out? Hemming's character, for example, wouldn't seen to be the non-chalant photographer extrordinaire if he was someone completely different. Or maybe not.

Either way, it's a good film, with great perspective shots that accentuate what's fascinating about the human form and what we do with it.


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