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3/9/2006 6:51 pm

Two of my firends from Los Angeles came to San Diego after we moved there from L.A. I was 16 at the time. Nate Klein was looking for that aphrodasiac of all aphrodasiac--SPANISH FLY. At least, that was the legend of that shit. Mike "Dorkass" Orland was with Nate. Nate had met an older woman (all of 25) at age 18. He wanted to really get this woman turned on. Apparently she was very exciting to be with. Mike said that Nate wanted to go to T.J. to score some "fly." My Brother and I couldn't resist, so we piled in Nate's '57 Chevy and headed down there. Don't ask me why it took 4 teenage boys to get the shit because I don't know. Once there, we parked the car. Nate walked up to a cab driver and pleaded his case. Nate ended his conversation with the cabby and jogged 100 feet back to the car. Breathlessly, he told us the guy would fix him up. I swallowed hard--holy shit! Nate said the guy would be back in a few minutes with the stuff..for ten dollars. On que, the cabby returned, pulled some Kleenex out of his pocket, unfolded it and showed Nate the stuff. Nate handed him the Hamilton, hurried back in the car and we started back for San Ysidro. The cab driver high-tailed it out of there. Mike, ever the curious one, opened up the Kleenex. There is was--half a dozen tablets...that looked familiar to me. I leaned into the front seat to look. Sure enough. I said, "Its fucking Bufferin, Nate." My Grandmother took it for years for her arthritis. Nate started pounding the steering wheel sooooooooooo hard and with such fury that I thought it would break. I restrained myself from laughing because Nate had been such a good friend. Mike did his dumbfounded weasel look. My Brother just shook his head. That sotry never got told to anyone in L.A. Mike and Nate kept the secret.

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