Saturday Morning  

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3/25/2006 4:55 am

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Saturday Morning

The guys are off to their weight lifting competition leaving me home alone. I just checked our account and we had 6 winks. Two from the same guy on the same day. MMMMM Does that mean he is interested? I would think it would mean yes. I went to his profile but didn't see a single picture of his wife. I was disappointed because I wanted to make sure that my husband would be happy. Even though I know my husband doesn't look at the physical aspects of a person but at what is on the inside. It's the inner beauty that my husband finds attractive as long as they are clean and take care of themselves. I think that would go for most people, I would hope. I also noticed some interested prospects from Vegas. Ohhhhh I'm getting so excited. I want to write to people so bad. But I won't do it without my hubby. We have to agree on the couple together and write them together. He's having me go through and and put people on our hotlist. The he goes through and looks at what I'm looking at and reads the profiles. Hopefully tonight we will be going through some of them tonight and sending some emails. I'm praying. I'm ready to meet some new people and make some new friends. I want to play some adult games and enjoy myself with no inhibitions and no one judging me. So exciting. It's like getting ready for an adventure. mmmmmmm mind is working overtime and I have work today around the house and chores to do outside. The work of a domestic engineer is never done. Trust me when I say...I'll be back to write some more before the day is out. I have to see how many more people have winked. heehee

U24US2NC 47M/43F

3/25/2006 11:23 pm

just waiting for you guys to respond, we did send an email.............

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