a little more progress  

4winds04 47M
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5/26/2006 5:41 pm
a little more progress

My wife's freind at work is still putting the charms on her. Now I've got to know him some and I'm sure he will feel more comfortable about my mind set. Nothing of his direct flirting had been discussed, but I let it be known to him that I didn't mind when other men hit on my wife.

I'm eager to see where it goes from here. Of course the real progress will come with my wife's growing willingness to play back!

I hope to see her on her back with her legs spread wide for cock soon. It gets a little closer every day. She still has her hang-ups, like wanting to be a good wife to her man. You know, having trouble letting go of the whole monogamous thing. She enjoys the flirting but I think she's having her difficulties with the "cheating" on me. Though that's not how I see it, I guess it's a big stumbling block for her. I"m working on that!

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