Oh well, but there's still hope for her!  

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6/17/2006 5:55 pm

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Oh well, but there's still hope for her!

The neighbor's house was a bust last weekend. We went up there, but the bbq they were supposed to be having didn't happen. We were expecting some kind of food and didn't eat. Instead they wanted to just go right to the drinking.

The wife had told us not to worry about bringing anything as she was making Daquories, but she only had enough mix for one round. So her husband started putting the rum in lemonaid. I had brought some beer just in case something like that happened.

We each had one of the husbands concoctions and let me tell you, lemonaid and rum is pretty hard on an empty stomach. We couldn't get out of there fast enough this time.

But today on this weekend we had a great time. We went to a Scottish festival down in Franklin. Listened to some bag pipes. Watched guys running all over town in skirts. My wife was getting appreciative glances all afternoon in her skimpy little half-shirt and shorts.

She was so horny by the time we got home that
she followed me into the bedroom and we fucked each other to orgasm. We actually went two rounds! The second time around I started calling her my little slut as I mauled her tits and pounded her sloppy wet pussy. Telling her how much I liked fucking her sloppy cunt. She was loving it and begging me for more, so I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her up to me,and gave her a face full of sloppy wet french kissing as I pounded her for all I was worth!!

She probed my mouth hungerly with her tounge. Moaning loud as she drifted into another orgasm. She kept telling me how much she liked being my slut as we lay in afterglow.

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