what is love?  

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7/8/2006 10:14 am

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what is love?

A lady friend and I chatted on the telephone last night and once again she is at the end of another bad relationship. She said, "what the f&#k is love good for if all you do is get f$#ked in the end?" I am no Solomon, but I tried my best to listen and convey some thoughts.

For one, I told her that the main reason she is feeling so shot down all the time is the quality of guy she was dating. She always goes for the bad boy type or "player" and wonders why she finds out later that he is seeing someone else, while also seeing her. She even went as far last year to get into a catfight with some gal (and a pretty nasty scrap it was) over a guy that really should have been the recipient of both their aggressions. He ended up going with her, which I believe is because her credit card extended a lot further thanks to good ol' Daddy.

At any rate, I told her that there are guys out there who are really decent and just because they are not Mr. GQ, then why not give them a shot instead of continually feeling like crap after a short relationship that hits skid. I've already been the one at the end of her stick that would have liked a shot with her, but she wants to be "friends". Being a nice guy can suck at times, but oh well....someone's gotta do it, right?

I really believe that a woman is truly a treasure to behold and when two people really "get" each other, then it can be a whole lot of fun. I have to admit that my last girlfriend and I really understood each other....and we had a lot of fun. Talk about a woman that really liked to enjoy being pleasured.....but. Yeah, there is always that but. She later decided she wanted to move back to Nowhere Texas.....and that was not my map. We discussed it and in the end....I cared enough about her to let her go, though I knew I was giving up a lot.

Being hurt can suck, but usually the rewards of having the right person love you can ultimately be worth the risk, because the feelings are unbelieveable. It makes it even more fun if you're both more like minded about things than not, but diversity in interests is also a key element.

live_good 49M

7/8/2006 12:49 pm

Love is everything....it is joy, it is anger, it is triumph in teh end you both long to be together more then any fight between you, it is forgiveness. It is emeotions shared high and low and all the inbetween. It is common dreams and goals that inspire the both of you. It is a spiritual bonding that noone could stand a chance to break apart. It is peaceful easy feeling that comes with confidence in eachother in good times or bad. It is the giving of your own heart and losing a peice of yourself ...but being glad you did because the piece you get in return seem even more beautiful ...a true treasure. The treasure is found where your heart is. Love is a gift greater then anything else in heaven or earth. When you lose it, you lose some of yourself also. I will have a post in my blog that give you an idea of what lost TRUE love can do. Good luck to your friend.


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