short weekends  

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7/9/2006 12:07 pm
short weekends

Geez, it seems like it was just Friday afternoon and the clock was clicking 6 p.m. and now its almost time to wake up to fulfill another week of "the office."

As I drive to work I often wonder about the people you see sitting around the coffee shops or walking down the sidewalk who seem to be living the perfect life, because they are not having to go to work. Of course, I'm sure they have their own agendas going on throughout the day, but it makes a mind wonder.

I've thought about changes in life. My biggest thought lately is considering moving to L.A. next year and taking a shot at something profoundly different. I've spent a good deal of time thinking about what door to take in life and this one seems to be the one that I've waited a long time to do. Do I take it and risk another setback in life or do I just go with the faith that I will make it work no matter what?

I know that my friends are supportive of my idea to move, though I would miss them. The good thing is that technology now allows people to stay in touch nearly on a daily basis.

I have a really good lady friend who wants to move to NYC, but she is there now and I think after just a day she has realized that it might be too huge a move and too expensive to do it all her own. I mentioned LA and she is already suggesting that she travel out there with me at some point in the near future to just look around and see whether this is something I really want to do. It doesn't hurt that she is deliciously gorgeous.

She called me last night and was all alone in her room. She said that she hasn't had sex in a long time. I suggested that she really needed to have a "friend with benefits." She thought that was a really good idea. We'll see what happens. She's an interesting and very cool lady. Thoughts to ponder.

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