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7/3/2006 12:52 am
another day

Okay, so it's July 3rd now and I'm actually off from work over the weekend and I have absolutely no desire to hop in the car and go anywhere. I went to Houston over the weekend and what a dull ride that has become. Though, I must admit that I do enjoy going 75 mph over what used to be 55 mph. Can I write anything more boring.

Okay, so AdultFriendFinder is a place to find Adult Friends who are supposedly like minded. Well, there are a lot of what I call "ghost" members who seem to be nothing more than computer generated images. I stop to look at the membership and its in the millions....and it makes me wonder...damn this country has some really horny people. Well, I suppose I must be one of them, otherwise, I wouldn't be online as a member.

So, what's a single guy to do to meet someone and have a really fun time? Logic suggests that you have to already have a wife or girlfriend who is into the "lifestyle" because otherwise as a single guy you might as well go hang out at the grocery store, library or pray that you are "cool" enough at the local bar or club to pick up a date. I'm not trying to be brash.....but in this day and age of technology.....maybe a nice single guy - with a wild streak - might just be able to meet another horny lady for some adult fun. Any thoughts?

Well, that's enough of a blog entry for now. I'm going to see what this site is all about and who knows....maybe it will be fun along the way

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