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4/29/2006 9:02 am

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There's a battleship in town! Happy days are here again! A boat full of hot guys...Yum!!! Military as well! Definately a hunting day today! I'll keep you updated. Ok. the ship is Canadian. Hmmm. Not very exotic but who knows maybe there are a few hot Quebecois onboard. One can only hope!

Still at work. Still bored. I want sex. It's 5p.m.

Apologiges, got caught up. It is now Monday morning (5:00 a.m!). I just got in from the Deep. Decidedly, my Sunday night spot! Got there late... stock taking (Shit!) But, a great energy! The Battle ship boys were there (nothing to write home about). But it was good times !!! Kinda buzzed, so I won't stay long.

Had a great wank after the gym! Was kinda pumped! O.k. Squirt. I get horny after working out (I've dicovered). I gotta sleep. I really wish I had someone right now. Dark and handsome ok! ok! Hard!!! But smart and smooth. Someone who could appreciate me. Someone who could appreciate smarts and looks in equal measure. I wanna be loved for my MIND. The sex should be hot too... Don't get me wrong! know I'm buzzed? Right? I'll never lie to you. But, I'm kinda Fucked Up!

Yet, typing perfectly,..AND! grammatically correct. Uumm, I hope! Dudes! I gotta go to bed! I played Ricki Martin in the car on the way home. I think Latin guys are Hot!!! I'm goin to bed! Talk to you tomorrow. I wanna dream Hispaniola!

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