The Fourth Date.  

rm_4saken2 42M
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7/4/2006 7:03 pm

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9/15/2007 6:51 pm

The Fourth Date.

Hey, I'm back. As always thanks for the very endearing e-mails, invites and winks. You are very kind. Apparently, some of you want to know more. So here goes, date number four.
Now, remember I had been kinda like a lot into date three for a long while. We had first been in contact with one another in November of last year. Having been away for a few months changing his handle a bit, but my point is a while. Then there was this guy. Out of the blue. The classic "Wink" thing. I reply, having (I think) a little experience with the third date guy. I say something original like, "Thanks for the wink". I know inspired. He replies. I say something like I read the book he's holding in one of his profile pics. We banter back and forth for a few days. We set a date to meet! My point is it was really fast by comparison to date number three. All the while I'm finalizing the deal with the date number three. The two dates ended up on the Friday and Saturday nights of the same weekend. Just happened that way.
The Friday night was a suck-cess (see previous entry for those of you who have just joined)! I get home. Get on the net and he's there! We send messages back and forth. He says something about not wanting to drive around. Great, I think because I don't feel comfortable with him coming to my place. I go to him. I have some auto issues but I get there. Dudes, you gotta figure I (Me!!!) drove from Somerset to Flatt's near the Aquarium! Me!!! I was determined! I wanted that cock!
I'm lousy with directions ,but, with luck and a cell phone, I get there. I drive up the steep drive to this house. I see the Yamaha in the cycle park (just like I was told). I park the car and make my way to a lower apartment. The light from the opened door guided my path. I get inside and he's standing in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks (boxers not briefs). We don't even talk just right at it!
Man! I loved his big,muscular,slightly hairy (he shaves) body. His French Canadian accent is a total turn on! I swallow him whole! He pulls me up asking me to remove my shorts. I'd already taken off the wife beater I was wearing. I stand back letting him survey every inch of me. It is a total turn on! I got this guy goin'!

He's lying back on the sofa and I straddle the sofa and his face! Dudes!I face fucked this 'straightguyCOLOR]like there was no tomorrah (not a typo!)! The wall behind the sofa is mirrored so I see myself face fucking this guy! We then change positions with me eating him out! God, two nights in a row and two hot stud pussies! I'm in Heaven! I eat out this man bitch and he's groaning and moaning like the big fucking Quebecois (hispanic) bitch that he is deep down inside. I got him begging for me to hurt his tits as I eat out his hot hole! I ask him if he likes it (the rimming) and he purrs ,"yes", (in a heavy French Canadian accent). "That's it Bitch! Who's your daddy!?!" I got the Power!!!

That's when I go for his cock and suck him until he blew his hot wad into my skull. It was great! For him. I eventually leave.
When I get home I sent a "thanks it was fun" e-mail.

My best mate is straight. He never wants to suck my cock. What gives? Why can't I have a straight guy friend like these straight guys. If someone has been shortin' me your gonna hear about it!
I know straight guys (...I think). I gotta figure out which ones are straight and which are straight. That's it boys! The proverbial cat is out the proverbial bag! There are straight guys then there are straight guys!
I want straight guys! COLOR]How would that translate in verbally? Straight guy?How do I say[I[B]],"Straight ...Right? (Wink!)[COLOR deeppink] I'll get right on it and let you know when I figure it out. Until next time. Hope you enjoyed this one. Take care.


P.S. Dudes, what's up with the pink?

drupforit007 54M
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7/6/2006 5:31 am

Nice to see the action is not just In Cannock UK.
What are you doin with the color I thought I was on a gay rally LOL.
Big regret that am not there to joinb u sounds gr8 hope you have many more adventures.

rm_4saken2 42M
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7/6/2006 4:20 pm

Dude, you are definately invited! The talent pool in Bermuda is a bit dry! Bye the way both dates Three and Four are online now! Go figure. Bin there done that sorta thing! LOL! Keep an eye out for more updates! Hope to CU Soon!

rm_4saken2 42M
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7/6/2006 4:21 pm

I dunno about the pink! It just happened that way!

rm_papimc 52M
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7/17/2006 9:03 pm

I'm speachless...and can't wait to visit the island!!!!

rm_4saken2 42M
8 posts
7/18/2006 3:48 am

MMMMmmmm... You are Invited! Invited! Invited! Hope to get you over ASAP!! LOL!!!

tonsils04 46M

12/8/2006 8:01 am

Dude that was hot .. your right about straight dudes when they find a good MALE cock sucker they are throwing pepples at your bedroom window .. LOL .. No kidding .. I love it when I take their cocks in my mouth and my nose is against their pubic hairs and their cock is sliding passed my tonsils .. they just go wild just fucking my face .. Be safe dude and Peace

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