Planes, Trains and Web Cams!  

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6/6/2006 7:34 pm

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Planes, Trains and Web Cams!

Hiya Folks,

Thanks again for the e-mails, winks and invites. They have been racking up. So much so, I have been entertaining the thought of putting up a Blog site of my very own with lots of pics and updates of 'My Life'.

It has often been said that the one thing stranger than fiction is reality. I think that this holds true in many instances in our lives. Case and point would be this site. Locally there are nearly 5,000 people registered from Bermuda on AdultFriendFinder. To those of you from larger countries that number may not mean much, but, you gotta figure that Bermuda has a population size of some 60,000. With a simple fractional break down the percentage reveals something rather astounding. Somewhere between 10 and 12 percent of the population of the country is listed on this site.

This started me thinking. Originally, not whether or not the numbers were a compliment or an indictment on the society in which we live (Bermuda). But, rather why this was at all? The figures become even more outrageous when it is realized that of the total population, the people from 0 to 17 years old are probably not listed, people who are geriatric are probably not listed, and those who are sick and/or infirmed are not listed. This leaves a rather smaller number of people (who are old enough and well enough) to extract a realistic percentage break down. Yet, there are nearly 5,000 people registered.(Increasing the percentage from 10% -12% to more like 40% - 50 That is amazing! If I had a business with that kind of market share...I'd be so Rich!!

But, why is this? What is it about Bermuda which makes a site like AdultFriendFinder so attractive to so many people. The anonymity? The sense of freedom from censure and oppression? Perhaps. Not being a sociologist, I'll throw my hat in the ring and suggest strongly that ,yes, this site offers all of the above and more. A stark contrast to the illusion of our daily realities. Lets, peal the 'onion'(locals will appreciate the pun ) a bit more. If such a sizable number of the society are desirous of freedom of self. How is the society itself seemingly so repressive and retarded? Cowardice? Hypocrisy? Weakness? I don't know, but it seems like! Until enough of us stand 'openly' and 'honestly' for what we really are in private no progress will be achieved. We shall always be relegated to web sites and clandestine interactions fearing discovery from a public which is doing the same as you and me. Reality stranger than fiction? Individuals fear being judged by a society (of individuals) who are all doing the same thing. Remember, societies by definition do not exist. Society is a grouping of individuals. Ergo... a society is what the individual is. Seems to me that the individuals are a lot different than what the touted version of society is, if the membership of this site is any indication.

Last night after consuming a glass or two...o.k., o.k., a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc . I put on the web cam and had a 'private' strip show for about 3 to 5 people. I was a little buzzed and frisky. I put the music on and started dancing. Removing various articles of clothing along with the music. (Kinda erotic actually I suggest you try it!) I got good responses from a few viewer (my Friendship list went up! ) I met a really cool guy from Oklahoma. We connected .. He was really nice. Great body and conversation to boot! We are meant to hook up later tonight. My dream of cybersex realized? I'll let you know. Thank God for modern technology! I rarely feel like people here (in Bermuda) find me attractive at all. But, in the real world I'm a hit? Go figure! Well, the Messiah is never respected in his own home town. (Not that I'm a Messiah or anything) We'll see.

Sunday night I went to the Deep. The place was busy. It's so busy that the 'thuggy crowd' have started showing up. I fear the end is near for the Deep, these 'people' bring so much negative energy with them. Why are they coming there? They must know they are not welcome! Leave us alone! There has to be some way to keep them out. The scum they are. Ho well, it was good while it lasted.

Enough from me folks. Keep those e-mails and invites coming. I wish I could meat you all. As Rona Barrett used to say, "Keep thinking those good thoughts.."

Yours 4Ever,


Oops... I forgot about the poetry addition! So, here is the second installment.

"The darkest corner of the starkest room,
Loneliness beckons an unseen doom,
The form of whom can only be seen,
Silhoette against a gossamer sheen.
The only illumination, not barely a light.
Flickers a single flame against an eternal night."
Kinda cheesy? What were you expecting...Lawrence, Shelley, Hardy? LOL! Naw, it's just me havin' a chuckle!

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