Monday Mornings.  

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5/7/2006 10:49 pm

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Monday Mornings.

Just got in from the Deep. It was o.k., having gotten popular now. Fun to watch the people though. That lasted for all of five minutes, then I went to the Horseshoe bay...smoked a dooby and spent the rest of the time watching the waves come in. I liked that, a lot. Great mellow end to a good week.

I gotta say that I am a kinda pleased how many you all are reading this stuff. But, thanks. So, juicy stuff. There is this guy on the site who has a pic of a huge dick (I won't mention his handle but I'll give a hint [he's from Bermuda, and remember the cat in Alice in Wonderland...the 'something'-cat], that's him!) He sent an e-mail and I sent one be polite and all. Now, he's like got this huge attitude. Like a pic of a dick makes him ...superior or something. Fuck off! Excuse my french. But, does he not know that a big dick can be rented for like a hundred bucks in the real world?

What gives?

Bermuda!! So small a pond [ref. to addage, fish in small pond...sorta thing] that some believe it is the universe. Get this one...I sent a message which went something like,"Big dick, do you know how to use it?" Something to that affect. And, the reply was an insinuation that I was unoriginal. Unoriginal?..Me!!! That SOB can GTH (for those of you not up to date on acronym's "GO TO HELL"!)

I just wanna say that (this is my Blog!) that sort of attitude is unacceptable. And those whom (whom is correct when the object of the preposition is unknown tolerate that shit deserve what they get! I do not! The individual is Supreme! Not subject to God, Government and certainly not penis size! I mean, come on people, how many battered wife syndrome cases can there be in the world?

Geesh! BYE,BYE to him! Like my dealer said to this guy one night. Just kidding ! Who stands for that shit today? Enough about that. I had to get that off my chest. Did I mention I was kinda stoned? I should go ta bed. Talk to you soon. Ciao! (Not bad typing for a stoner huh? ?)

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