Hot Damn! Summers' Back Again!!!  

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5/15/2006 4:27 pm

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Hot Damn! Summers' Back Again!!!

Wow! What a weekend! Where do I start? Well, Friday night at the Fairmont Princess Hppy Hour got 4 stars. The crowd was great and the atmosphere stellar. Absolutely! After that,the Pickled Onion was just one of the places to see and be seen!

Saturday night,those in the know, were at HorseShoe Bay,where the Full Moon was the theme of thefirst beach front mixers. Although, rain threatened all day,the gods were favorable allowing us to party all night until the wee hours. The rain started as we were leaving in our cars. How luky was that?

Sunday night...well you guessed it! the Deep! Party on Dudes! There was a pumping DJ and light show that kept us going until three this morning. Bang, Bang, Bam! What a weekend. Met some really cool people as well! I'd like to give a shout out to the hot rugby guy who has been the center of my existence since Saturday night! Wink!Wink! What a body and a personality as well.

Bye the bye has anyone tried the new shooter...the Brown-Brown?Apparently, the new hit shot hasbeen invented here in Bermuda and is catching on all over! It's Jaegermeister, Bacardi 151 and Red Bull! What a kick this drink gives! I tried it for the first time at the Pickled Onion. Then again at the Deep on Sunday night. The bartenders at the Pickled Onion invented it and it has really caught on!

I know, I's Monday. But, all's not lost! Tomorrow night we're all headed to the Splash Bar where they are having an industry night for all the cruise ship personnel. Good times yall! Summer has begun and I'm in pole position! Allowing me to tell you whats hot and what not! I'm really charged for the May 24th weekend as well. Plans are still in the works but I can say that we are not to be land locked!

I'll say no more! (don't want to jinx myself) So, back to the rugby guy. It seems someone (he) was browsing through the old AdultFriendFinder site and came upon little ol'me. We have hit it off in mega proportions. I guess honing my profile was worth it after all. I'm finally getting quality.

Hey, have any of you tried the new shooter? The Brown/Brown (Jaegermiester, Bacardi 151 and Red Bull)? It is an amazing party shooter invented bytwo bartenders at the Pickled Onion. It's a blast,definately not for everyday consumption. When asking for it say "Brown/Brown's all around!" It even sounds catchy! Yes, for those of you up to date movie is named after the cocaine and gunpowder mixture mentioned in the Nicholas Cage film "Lord's of War." It's the liquid version!

That's all I gotta say for now! And thanks again for reading my BLOG! Hope to have some positive news on the rugby guy situation soon. I'll keep you appraised.

Over and Out!


rm_sotonman66 50M
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5/17/2006 1:42 pm

Dam you definately the party animal from the sound of things.

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