Good Times!  

rm_4saken2 42M
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5/7/2006 5:36 pm
Good Times!

Haven't been here for a while. Sorry But, I gotta life In any case, had a pretty cool weekend. Met some cool people. Hope they keep in touch...I mean that. Hoping also they are quality.

Met a cool guy. We had a little fun. He seems cool. I know, I know...they all do at first. I won't contact him unless he contacts me. I like to respect the privacy of others.

Feeling kinda like the circus just left town now. I know how to get over that...have more fun!

Have a few days free to catch up with some domestic stuff. I know boring...but I have almost no clean stuff left. Hope to just chill after that. It's Sunday night! It's my night out! The Deep here I come! Thanks for reading my life. Ciao!

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