The Honey Moon  

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12/4/2005 5:04 pm

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The Honey Moon

We opened the bottle of champaign my mom had bought us. We sat on the balcony and watched the sun going down. Not much was said. But my cock had been hard all day.
She was freshening up in the bathroom and we were getting ready to go to dinner. I brushed behind her on the way to the shower. She felt my hard cock and our eyes locked. She turned and softly grabbed my already throbbing cock. She knelled down and began giving me a blow job. She was good at that. She was a virgin when we started dating in high school and she had learned well the art of keeping me on the edge of cuming. She also had acquired a taste for my cum. When I cam I exploded into her warm mouth. She moaned with pleasure as she swallowed and took it all. All but a bit which she let drip down her young lovely lips. She stood and we kissed. Tasting my own cum and she then wanted me to please her. She pulled me to the bed. I pulled down her hot pants and nylons. Pulling them over her knee high boots. She loved me to eat her out. I knew all her spots. We had taught each other how please each other. We would tell each other what felt good. We had tried everything. Anal, straight, from behind, whip cream, oral. Everything we had learned together. We had been doing this since we were 15 years old. She would come to my bedroom three or four nights a week. My bedroom was like an apartment over the garage and had a separate entrance. So, we had plenty of time to learn about sex. I took my time since licking pussy was my favorite thing to do. My tonger made its way to her love spot....her SEX. She came almost immediately. But we never stopped there. I would make her cum and cum until she could not stand it any longer and beg me to stop. By this time I had gotten hard again. We kissed and gave her time to recoup. When she was ready, she tenderly guided my hard cock into her already on fire, throbbing pussy. The heat, the intensity of me being inside the woman that I was in love with and was carrying my baby was too much and I cam seconds later. We never made it to dinner that night. We talked about names for the baby. About the possibility that our baby might never know his father. We made love several times more that night.
Then, a loud voice woke me up from my remembering. I was staring at the ceiling and then a smoky the bear hat was in my face calling me every name in the book. He was Mexican, my drill Sargent. The first day in formation he called out each of our names. When he reached my name called out "Yes Sir, Present Sir!" H e came over to me and put the brow of the Smokey the bear hat into my eyebrow and asked if that was a Mexican name. I said "No Sir, It is Spaniard". Wrong thing to say to a Mexican drill Sargent. "Mexicans not good enough for you? No sir, that is not it...shut the fuck up her screamed. I did not ask you to answer me. Boy, he said, this is going to be the longest 6 weeks of your life because I hate Spaniards. I said I am an American Sir...down on your fucking belly and give me 50 push ups boy...NOW!
Well, that was my first day in boot camp. And it was an easy day compared to the six weeks that followed.

My next blog will skip boot camp and take you to 5 days before leaving for overseas. As a U.S. Customs Agent. Talk about putting the fox in the hen house...lmao

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