Worst Valentines EVER!  

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2/14/2006 1:52 am

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Worst Valentines EVER!

The time that this story takes place was last valentines day, a balmy friday evening. Leading up to this disasterous friday, i had been courting this girl in school and talking to her between classes, making her gifts, and so on and so forth. Stupidly in a delerious state that night, i somehow got the brilliant notion to pack up my guitar, hop on my ten speed bicycle, and serinade the girl that was eternally in my thoughts.She lived a distance of about 5 miles from my home, so i peddled the lonely backroads to her house, the whole time thinking how brilliant, original, and ingenius the task was that i was about to pull of. At this time, i was downright proud of myself. Their was only one problem... which window to serinade? I knew where she lived, but not the room she slept in. I arrived and hid my bike in her neighbors yard at about ten o' clock. I walked around her house three times and thought... "Should I ring the doorbell and perform to her AND her parents?" "Should i just sing to a window and hope for the best?" "Should i go home and try this sometime later?". Hmm... Of course, just to make my evening interesting, i chose my second option, sing to any window and hope for the best. I chose a lighted window with the blinds down toward the back of the house... seemed like a good decision. Just as i got to the window, guitar in hand, the light went out. I just figured that this would make it better for me, so i lightly knocked on the window and began to sing my best rendition of Saves the Days "Three Miles Down", not all that bad of a musical selection. A dark and shady figure appeared in the window and listened to my sweet music. Turns out, this person was her mom. Just as i realized this, her dad appeared from the front yard and yells, "What the Fuck?" In an instant, i was off like a flash. Unfortunately, as i took of running, i remembered my bike lying the neighbors pine tree. Out of sight of her father, I stealhily began my walk back to get my main source of transpo! rtation. As i peered out from behind an oak tree, i witnessed her father wheeling the bike into their garage and shutting the door. My stomach hit the brown grass, it was going to be a long walk home. It was now 11:00 and i was literally screwed. Somewhere in the middle of my walk, god decided to worsen the situation and let the rain pore down on top of me and my guitar. I was forced to sacrifice my jacket to save my guitar. At around 12:30, i arrived at home. Cold, wet, and heartbroken, i toweled off and dragged myself into bed. She called the next day... and laughed in my face and she told me she wasn't even home.

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3/28/2006 6:52 am

Ha haaaa very funny you did all that and she wasnt home????after reading that i just felt sorry for you but i hope you have many more valentines to come!!!I hope you get what you are looking for in this site.

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