To Be or Not to Be a Couple vs. Single  

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4/1/2006 6:43 pm

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To Be or Not to Be a Couple vs. Single

I have been showing my female FWB the AdultFriendFinder site. She is impressed with the amenities and people here especially the couples and as we are in an open/poly relationship we certainly welcome expanding our circle of friends intimate and otherwise. Feedback from couples indicates that they get both increased volume and quality of connections by advertising as a couple.

We do not live together and she works out of town the majority of the week most weeks so we are a couple when we can be, therein lies the rub, we are a part time couple and I feel like advertising as a couple would be "flying a false flag" or "baiting and switching" people. We have played together before so that is not a problem. I also want to get to know people on my own as myself without having to be a couple.

So what to do? I am sure AdultFriendFinder would like us each to have our own individual accounts and a couple’s account. But who would control the couples account? How do we coordinate our activities and communications without wasting too much of our bandwith?

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Two AdultFriendFinder Virgins

Hotshorecouple 46M
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4/1/2006 7:57 pm

I have been dealing with the exact same delema.. I joined AdultFriendFinder as a single guy, then met a FWB here and started to swing with her. She suggested we do a couples profile. So, I put one together. After several months of fun, I decided to close my Single profile. first, it was a pain to keep checking both profiles and keeping tracked of who I met where. Plus, I then let my single gold profile lapse to a standard profile. Let's face it, there are thousands of guys here and the chances of someone searching all the way down to the standard profiles is slim... So, I deleted that account and remained with the couples account. Plus, more people (single women & couples) ar emore interested in meeting another couple. So it made sense...then a couple months later, we hit a bump in the road and ended up going our seperate ways...

So, now what to do...if I keep the couples profile, everyone thinks I am a fake or I am doing the bait & switch...So, I contact AdultFriendFinder, they can change the profile to a single male profile. Perfect, right? No, although they can change the profile to read as a single guy, they can not change the screen the screeen name I had "hotshorecouple" is still missleading...and I have had a few couples actually tell me off because of it...

So, what do I do...lose all my hotlist info and my 100+ network friends, delete the account and start over....or hope everyone understands and they dont think I am a fake????

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