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4/6/2006 12:59 am

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My Funny Bone

I'm in the process of writing a magazine article for this site on the medically approved standard way of measuring a penis. In this article I have tried to include tables showing for each increment in length or girth how many guys would be in a particular range. I've been driving myself to distraction trying to make a table. Anybody know how out there and tells me will be my AdultFriendFinder friend for life.

Recognizing that I am chasing my tail I send customer support a query to see if they know how to make a table and then turn to answering e-mail. One guy optatusaum actually enjoyed my profile for the humor contained therein. His e-mail made my day. Yes, dear reader some of the things I say are with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek; a favorite activity of mine even if it is not my cheek ... but I digress.

So I'm contemplating why funny bones seem to be rare commodities on AdultFriendFinder. Is it because all the blood is nourishing other parts? I have found that laughter in and out of bed is very aphrodisiac and I get a lot more mileage in real life with a sense of humor than by describing my dick in graphic details or striking a couple of snapshots to impress my date. From my blogs one must wonder do I have a small dick. No. It is above average and better still I know how to use it. Look ma! No hands ... It just seems really weird that here the rules of social intercourse are all inverted. Does that mean AdultFriendFinder intercourse is inverted as well?

I'm thinking of dressing my dick up in a suit and a tie putting a little smiley face on it and putting where my picture is now. The guy I met with Szeek2004who suggested I sign on to AdultFriendFinder because it was a better site says I should replace the current casual picture (California surfer -- woa dude!) to one that represents me in the way I usually meet people much more cosmopolitan. I also got some pictures from another guy very tasteful jockstrap pictures. I have a few of those in different colors possibly those as well; maybe after the FWB comes home and we have another shaving session ... or maybe this time we wax. I like smooth.
All the above is going on in my head when I get the first IM of the evening a "couple" from LA, or course it is just a picture of a guy's dick, but hey, I'll play along. Wife wants to see your dick. I don't have any of those pictures -- sorry. Deal killer evidently. Isn't that ironic?

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