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Due to divorce in process I am a part-time single dad with two young children with abandonment issues. Part of our revised bedtime ritual is for me to stay with them until they are asleep and more often than not I end up asleep with them waking up two or three hours later to get on with my adult activities. Last night was one of those nights I woke up at 10:30 watched Harvey Firestein's Torch Song Trilogy and then checked into AdultFriendFinder both e-mail and chat.

Some guy and I were getting into a hot chat exchange and trying to set something up during school hours next day. Another chat window opens from a 20 year old girl with a really hot profile who seems to really like me. Now I may claim to be bi but in my rulebook for the dating game a pair (of tits) beats a one eyed jack (a dick) any day of the week, especially since the tits are 20 and the dick is 39 (it's a no brainer; don't we all want someone younger, better looking, and richer than ourselves?). No sooner than I had accepted her page when my 4 year old starts crying and coming into my office.

My initial attempts at whisking him back to bed failed and he succeeded in waking his 8 year old brother who is now grousing about how he'll never get back to sleep or get up in the morning. A quick first order mental calculus: Children's needs versus mine -- children's. I rationalized that they are not going to be this age forever; I'll have the rest of my life to chase after and engage in sex; they need extra attention as a result of the divorce.

I get the phone number of the guy and the girl I tell her the situation and ask her to join my network so I can contact her later. She probably thought it was an odd blow off because she hasn't accepted yet. I lie there in the darkness asking myself: "Why did I do this anyway (children)?" I had them because my wife promised that if we did we would not get a divorce no matter what.

I have a very 50's family oriented mentality that children should have two parents living together. Now it is nine years later and I am an exhausted single parent furtively seeking love on the side. Oh, yes, I should mention I don't date when I have the children nor do I introduce them to my love interests. This is the "correct" book approved way for divorcees as opposed to my ex who has the children call her boyfriend step-dad and she lets them sleep together in the same bed with them.

Was life really that different? When I was married they were often banging on the door when we were either making love or when I was in the process of trying to warm her up to get some. It was more than once I was told to hurry up and cum or just get off so we could attend to the children.

Now I jump to my parents, the thought of them having sex curdles my blood, and I am thankful I never heard or walked in on them (at least I have no conscious remembrance of said event). I know they had sex at least seven times because of my brothers and sisters. I maybe would have had less siblings had my dad got fixed earlier and had my sister and I not used their condoms for water balloons. Condoms hold gallons of water and can be thrown really far and disintegrate on explosion. Did I interrupt them?

Never the less I got my sex drive from my parents or from their parents and my children probably have inherited mine. I know the littlest one has his hand is permanently attached to his dick. We used to ask him when changing his diaper if he was through and he would say: "no".

My only consolation is that when they are trying to get a little from their love interests when they are teenagers I will inadvertently return the favor.

Reminds me of a song I heard once:

"Did you ever wonder if your mom gave dad a blow job right before she kissed you good night?"

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