Burning Man: My Two Cents  

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3/31/2006 1:11 pm

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Burning Man: My Two Cents

angelofmercy5 asks about Burning Man.

I must apologize for the provincialism. I alluded to something called Burning Man in my first post and did not explain it.

When I arrived from New York my friend explained it like this: "A bunch of people get together out in the desert, naked, take drugs and burn a giant wooden statue of a man." My first thought was great, tie dye wearing, patchouli covered BO, long hair, unshaven, old, Berkeley hippies get together get stoned, get naked and burn an effigy. Yea, right! Count me out. At the time I had short hair, pin stripe suit, patent leather shoes and a Wall Street attitude. I was anti drug as I had been on "The Street" during the great cocaine rush of the 80's and seen all its sordid glory. My wife would never let me go to such an event what would our family, friends, neighbors, business associates, etc. think? So I filed it away for later retrieval.

So what is burning man? The official website (burningman) exposes the topmost portion of the iceberg that is BM. But here is the inside scoop ... it is all that and more; it is a multimodal Rorschach Test; a test of man against the elements; a temporary suspension of reality; the worlds largest party, rave, Mardi Gras, drug-a-palooza, etc; it is what you make of it, what you are willing to open yourself up to; it is Hell and Heaven; freezing cold and blistering heat; costumes and birthday suits.

For me I got to see that I am not the only freak in the world there at least 40K more that gathered out there with me. I got to go to classes including SM101 which for me was very enlightening and humorous. I got to see artwork appear in the desert. I got to release some energy at the temple burn related to my divorce. I made some really close friends. I danced to techno at the souls midnight. I watched the sunrise holding hands with my FWB.

My friends say I came back a changed man. Will I go again? You betcha! I'm already conspiring with others and trying to recruit others into taking that leap of faith. They say your first time is always the best but I hope to prove them wrong. See you there?

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