What the hell is going on now??  

4f4nt4sycumtru3 40F
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4/7/2006 10:12 pm

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5/16/2006 12:13 pm

What the hell is going on now??

I've tried login on to this site like 50 times in the last couple of days, every now and then it will allow me to login, other times, it just freezes on me!!!

This is just pathetic!! Now that I'm logged in I can't view any of the groups I'm a part of because this stupid thing won't let me!

How the hell do I complain to the AdultFriendFinder people on here??

This is REALLY agravating!!

~ Nessa ~

Frederick2223 69M
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4/11/2006 7:02 pm

Nessa, you need to contact the moderator of the ... oh yes, that's you ... well at least the contact is easy. I can't explain what you described ... In the same period of time I was experiencing a painfully slow movement from one area to the next

rm_ahull492 37T
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4/22/2006 2:57 pm

i'm very disappointed that i was denied membership and was wondering why i was denied membership in your group...i really thought that everyone liked me. if u could get back to me that would be great...and i you would like we can always get together to talk personally so you can meet me in person and see how much i really do like this group

smoothie60174 41F

4/25/2006 6:25 am

it says i am denied too!!! i can't view any posts or respond either! whats going on here!?!?!


Smooth as butta

lasalleperuguy 52M
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4/29/2006 11:22 am

i can't get into the chatroom there's no where to click to get in

divemedicdave 64M
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5/2/2006 12:49 am

OK everyone,

Nessa has the site fixed, after much ado with AdultFriendFinder.

Thanks Nessa, you are the best.


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