Thick and Bueatiful  

4everian 32F
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12/2/2005 9:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Thick and Bueatiful

Cum one, Cum all
It's a quicky, enjoy!

A guy sticks his location,
In a girl's destinstion,
To increase the population,
For the next generation.
Do you get my explanation?
Or do you need a demonstration?

If I were to stand naked in front of you,
You'd probably cover your eyes,
Yet, I am the incarnation of a Goddess,
Despite sagging breasts and thunder thighs.
I don't represent fertility,
Love, passion, evil or hate,
Just an independent, single female,
Over eighteen and trying to lose weight.
So apart from my dog and some close friends,
I'm basically now all alone.
My outlook is generally pragmatic,
And I'll admit to some cynicism too.
But when optimism overwhelms reality,
Disappointment is just out of view.
I'm scared of new relationships,
Though I yearn for a hot romance,
I'll even scrub up quite presentably,
If given half a chance.
Whatever you think are my preferences,
That is your opinion, not necessarily mine,
Just try not to be too judgmental,
And I'm sure that we'll get along fine.
I don't pay your bills and you don't pay mine,
What goes around, comes around,
Look for similarities, not differences,
And many good times may be found.
I don't want adulation,
Or worshippers at my feet,
Just a polite "Hello", a nod or a wave,
If we're passing in the street.
Respect is not too much to ask for,
Even if you think that I'm no good,
Remember, I have no expectations,

A titillating game of cat and mouse
As we both become aroused
Evoking what we have within
A passion that has no end
An attraction that cannot be ignored
Fueled by flaming desire
With each touch we fly higher
Fumbling toward ecstasy
Living out our fantasies.

Every time I touch myself
I think of you and no one else
My hands turn into yours
Soon I begin to soar
Flying toward ecstasy
Imagining you are there with me
Like lightning strikes in the sky
My body becomes electrified
Heat pulsing deep inside
My body begins to writhe
Vibrating like thunder in the air
Releasing my need, pretending you are there

Bewitched by you, my private hell
A place that I love so well
So completely under your spell
Enchanted by your tempestuous touch
Never have I felt so much
My blood pulses thru my veins
Flowing like cool night rain
Disembodied by hunger I've had so long
The decadence becomes so very strong
I live to feel your hands on me
You take me where I long to be.

Hello love,
i think your hot
i want to suck your cock
Big cock please
small isnt enough for me.
Fuck me boo
slow and deep
doggy style
in the ass
make me scream.
What do you want
what would you like
tell me your deepest fantasy
i aim to please.

travel_guy_06 34M

3/8/2006 6:36 pm

I just have to let you know this poem is amazing. Very itelligent and thought provoking. Keep up the good work.

rm_chumminaj 36M
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3/14/2006 4:56 pm

Gorgeous poem girl...revealing and piercing at the same time

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