How Come, How Long!!  

4biddenlove4us 49F
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7/1/2006 7:37 am

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How Come, How Long!!

Inspired by the song sung by Babyface and Stevie Wonder.

There was a person I used to know,
that was oh so beautiful
But is not here anymore
who had a college degree
Smart as anyone could be
who had so much to live for
But fell in love
With the wrong kinda person
Who abused the love and treated the person so bad
There was not enough education in their world
That could save the life of this person!!

How come, how long,

Its not right, its so wrong

Do we let it just go on???

Turn our backs and carry on,

Wake up, before its too late,

Right now, we can't wait,

YOU wont have a second try

Open up your hearts

As well as your eyes

The persoon tried to give a cry for help
and even blamed things occurring on the situations,
But no one came to the person's aid
Nothing was wrong as far as anyone could tell
Thats what we'd like to tell ourselves
But no! It wasn't that way
So the person fell in love
With the wrong kinda person
And paid with their life
For loving that person
So we cannot ignore
We must look for the signs
And maybe next time we might save
Somebodys life!!!
In memory of a good friend I met online then in reality. She comitted suicide on the 31 Aug 2006
I thought she was getting better but it seems not.

Brutal_Britt 41M

7/1/2006 6:31 pm

I'm sorry for your loss as I know you as a passionate person with more time for others than you give yourself credit for. Time to take time out My Lady. This world has lost its glory but for a few like you this world can once more be filled with glory. I know its only words but words are all I can say. Hope you get better soon and find inner peace. Forgive me for not being there when you needed a friend but you can always still talk to me, my ears are always here for you to listen to not that I can give the advice you want to hear. Also am glad to know you and am honoured to have met a good person such as yourself tho you never put yourself above others when you yourself need comfort. Luv you Lady!

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