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Friends are always there and show they always care,
Until one day your friend is gone and you knew it was going to happen all along,
I have always thought friends are like relatives and are by each other's side
Just like friends are and our friendship will never die,
The moment we think of each other we pick up the phone and call one another,
Just thinking about the past and we wonder if I leave would our friendship still last,
We have been there for each other throughout the years; I just wanted to make it clear that you are the best friends I have always wanted but now am leaving,
Whenever we had problems in life but while we talked it seemed like we forgot about them,
But when I said that I was terminally ill and we talked but it seemed like there was still a problem,
That was not only a problem for me but all you have other friends and I am one you won't forget,
Everyone was down and still are,
When people ask you where is your friend you have to say have not seen me around,
It hurts to say that I won't here and that I went somewhere else,
But what I am happy to say is that you are here and you're here for me,
When I need your advice and help with anything,
Our friendship in the past showed how our lives were a blast , and
Taught us that we are friends and ones that will always last no matter what the future brings.

4biddenlove4us 49F

6/24/2006 12:55 am

    Quoting pablodan:
    Please dont leave-I would love to get to know you better,be one of those friends you talk about.
    Stay optimistic,seek knowledge,don't settle and accept your fate sweetie.
    I am here for you!
    Tell me that story about the was just that"a story".
    Somehow you have touched a part deep inside me,its strange but true.
    So please dont go,I need to know this person I have never met,but for whom I care for and pray for.
    Love you.
    Take care.
    Paul - FRIEND.
if you re- read my response on that blog ("A Story not to be Told") you will notice that I copied and pasted all the responses I got on it when I was DamnTemptwitEyes where the blog was originally written called 4bidden- A story not to Be Told. I deleted the profile so am not sure if I can even access it now. Thanks once more for being so caring and loving!! {=}

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