4Luven2 41M
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4/6/2006 1:26 am

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4/10/2006 2:44 am


Ladies, I was inspired by a friend named Blue to give yall some information as well as try to receive some......now this is a mans secret so, I could loose my credibility for this one....Did you guys know that men have the uncanny ability to (honest to goodness) seperate sex and love. They usually don't combine the 2 unless they are in love, and even then, they could go sleep with the neighbor not feel a bit of emotions and come home to the one they love and make love to her.....really.....sounds harsh but its true. Now this is not answering why some men don't that's a whole different subject Now I know some of you knew this, I'm sure.....and I think I know the answer...but...do you ladies work like that.....no....yes......please explain....or not?

pet_humility 48F

4/6/2006 5:55 am

I must have been a man in my previous life then, cause sex
is just sex to me.
Women have the cliche of falling in love all the time. Not
this chick. Shit theres times I don't even have to like the
person, as long as they know how to fuck we are good.. LOL

4Luven2 replies on 4/7/2006 1:15 am:
Wow pet.....with those kind of comments I'm not to sure you're not a man now..........are you? Just kidding, I can tell you are an extremely attractive woman...but you seem to be a rare breed among woman, because even the coolest females will say lets just have a physical relationship and after you sleep with them for a period of time, in my experience, they always start to have feelings or you find out they had an alterier motive of trying to change you into what they wanted for an emotional relationship and then they end up hurt....hey I say a verbal contract is as binding as a written and some women should stick with it.........But I do have to acknowledge that I understand that someone being inside of you can be a much more emotional bonding experience than the person doing the sticken...I mean after all what hurts more the knife or the wound.

PS: So what do I have to do to get you not to like me(ha, ha)

Kaliedascope61 41M
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4/6/2006 11:13 pm

shhhh! you can't be given away secrets like that!

4Luven2 replies on 4/7/2006 1:07 am:
Hey, its actually a secret ploy to get a little more insight into the insanity of women and there overly emotional and borderline schizophrenic tendencies.........But that's just between you and me.

papyrina 50F
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4/7/2006 1:25 am

i can separate easily,mind through practice lol and the same with guys,some need the emotional attachment while others will fuck anything so as it moves.
but either way some emotional ctuff to me makes the sex better

I'm a

i'm here to stay

4Luven2 replies on 4/7/2006 2:35 am:
Hey Papy, I agree with you, emotional attachment does make it way better. But ya know I think alot of women (in my experiences anyway) have the idea if they put it on you real good you will fall in love with them.........that often bothered me because I'm like that has nothing to do with the reasons I fall in love...........although it is a plus.........but like I said the sex and emotion are only intertwined with most men when the emotion is there...........But hey I'll never put down a good intertwining either.....catch my drift............I used intertwine as another way to say sex........hahahaha..............oh never mind, don't laugh, FINE..............I guess I'll go intertwine myself!
Much Luv

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

4/7/2006 8:53 am


Boy I have always known this but, I never expected a man to actually admit it. I have had relationships like that before until now that I met Mr. Bambi. I was always the faithful one. So does that make me the boring one? I think not! That just means that I have alot of love in my heart and I am not into hurting people. I am just not a cold-hearted person. Thanks for taking the poll, hope to hear more from you soon. By the way you have something special coming your way.

4Luven2 replies on 4/7/2006 11:32 pm:
Bambi, Faithful is the way to go. You don't want to hurt the one you love. Unfortunately alot of us fellas (myself included, I would never just exclude myself from my comments)have a hard time keeping it in our pants cause to us we're like its just sex.......but on the flip side it would drive us crazy if our women did that to us (unless you're into that).....yea its an unfortunate double standard.........that's why I say orgy's with strangers is the way to go (just kidding). DOn't everybody just wish they could have their ass and eat it too.......I mean cake.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

4/7/2006 11:56 pm

Mr. Bambi here...

What you described is called "compartmentalized thinking." There is a good blog which delineates the reasons for cheating. This blog can be found under the handle "AtomicKisss". The title of the blog is "Why Men Cheat". You can find this blog by dong a search for blogs written by AtomicKisss.

BTW: Before Bambi and I got together, I used to write under the handle "AtomicKisss."

4Luven2 replies on 4/8/2006 12:34 am:
I read your blog on that and Yeap you got it, I am a sexaholic, low self esteemed, uncopable dumb ass......................But I'm a really nice guy, I swear.

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