My Adventure With a Younger Woman  

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2/28/2005 7:28 pm

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My Adventure With a Younger Woman

I work with a much younger woman (I am 54; she is 26). We have gotten very friendly and have met on a few occasions for drinks and dinner. We have been doing a sexual "dance" for awhile, but I have been hesitant to move forward for many reasons, not the least of which are: 1) the fact that I am her direct supervisor; and 2) she is half my age.

In any event, during the course of learning about her, I have come to find out that she is bisexual and has had a number of 3somes with two women, which, needless to say, she enjoys immensely. She has asked on a couple of occasions if I could bring her home to my wife. For better or worse, my wife has had no interest in such a deviation from our traditional relationship; and at this point, I don't want to push it.

It seems that this gal is struggling with her sexuality - trying to determine if she is truly bisexual or if she really is lesbian. It creates an interesting opportunity for me, as well as a challenge. Since I am the sensitive, gentle type, I think I am the right guy for her at the moment. I can be assertive with her while at the same time being gentle, tender and attentive. These seem to be qualities that she has missed.

I am just so reluctant to get involved with such a younger woman, and one who works for me. There are just so many ways this could blow up in my face that I am in a "holding pattern" at the moment.

I see her every day, speak with her and flirt with her. But, so far, that is as far as it has gone. However, we are now at the point where I need to either make a move to turn this relationship sexual or simply be content to be her big brother.

As with other issues I am dealing with of a sexual nature, I will report back as matters progress.

Apolybear 54M

3/1/2005 4:31 pm

I agree with friendlycoup2, fucking a subordinate could get you fired and subject you to civil liabilitiy if things go sour. Besides, it's virtually impossible to keep this kind of thing a secret. Are you prepared for the entire office to know you're sleeping with this woman? Also, if the office knows, somebody could tell your wife. It's just too great a risk.

Your instincts are telling you not to get involved, but your libido is comtemplating all the delicious possibilities - always a tough thing.

If you're determined to pursue this, at least get this gal transfered to another dept before you do it. Good luck.

lovingcouple406 44M/42F

5/21/2005 10:57 pm

I am with the last two that have posted on this. I am a Business Major Student and like what they have said. Don't do it! It is just too risky, even if she is willing and you too, don't do it. You would be putting yourself and her at risk in this one. And also, what is your policy at your work for relationships in the office?

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