The small gift  

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10/11/2005 8:45 pm

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The small gift

There was no debate about dessert. Chocolate, and nuts and ice cream, and a brownie. We talked and laughed, and enjoyed each other, and talked and laughed some more.

We went back to her place, and turned on the television. We watched something funny, and I held her hand. We talked some, but mostly just enjoyed being together.

We snuggled together as we watched, and slowly, she curled up on the bed in my arms. I kissed her, and I rubbed her back. I listened to her breathing, and ran my hand over her back, and her hips. Her breathing became even more regular and deep. She was totally relaxed, and was falling asleep.

I held her and rubbed her back, and let her drift off. I thought to myself what a great and intimate gift, that she would feel so safe and comfortable that she'd fall asleep in my arms.

I kissed her forehead. She sighed.

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