The Submissive Woman - The Newbie, Part II  

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The Submissive Woman - The Newbie, Part II

I put a couple blankets in the back of the SUV, along with my toy bag and a camera. I can’t say that I had planned every detail, but I had gone through most of the possibilities in my mind, and I was ready for the foreseeable eventualities. We were to meet in town, and then I would drive to this really cool mountaintop spot I knew. It was September, and there was a definite chill in the air, and on the mountain it would be breezier and cooler still. I was glad to have the blankets.

Our first that we had planned for the next week ended up being rather ‘vanilla’ ‒ We went to the state fair together, where I purchased an interesting leather and shell choker for her. It wasn’t exactly a collar, but she could wear it in public, and it had plenty of symbolism for me. At the fair we scheduled this get-together, when family and other obligations allowed.

In the intervening two weeks, we had talked a lot by phone and in person about the idea of submission. I told her that it was about trust ‒ Her ability to trust me and allow me to guide her through things. The more she was able to trust me, the more interesting and fulfilling the experience would be. Since this was our first play date, I knew that no matter how hard she tried, it is tough to really trust someone that you haven’t really known that long. I knew it was up to me to not only be worthy of her trust, but to foster it through my actions.

The drive to the mountain took about 30 minutes. She was wearing the choker when I picked her up. It didn’t look kinky; it was just a piece of jewelry. However, she knew that wearing it was an act of submission to me, and I liked that a lot. We talked some along the way, but we were quiet, too. My mind raced with details. I wondered which toys I would use, and how she would take to them. It was really important to me to make sure that the experience was a positive one for her, but not without pushing some limits, presenting some surprises, and bringing her back emotionally and physically safe. For that reason, I was willing to forego some spontaneity for control.

Most of the way to the mountain is along a road bordered by the occasional residence, and lots of forest. As you get to the top of the mountain, there is a road that heads off, and you drive along a ridge above the treeline. Another several miles past the turnoff, I parked the SUV. We got out, and there was a noticeable breeze, though it was still at least tolerably warm.

We walked across the tundra, and down a short hill so that we were out of sight of the road. I spread out the blanket and my toy bag. I started by taking a few photos of her. I opened her blouse and her jeans, but left them on her. I liked the suggestion of the open clothing and the choker. She looked over her shoulder at the camera, allowing a glimpse of her breasts. The wind blew her hair and her clothing just enough to add motion to the photos.

I put the camera down, and I removed her blouse. I had her get on all fours, and I got out my favorite flogger. I showed it to her, and let her feel the tails with her hand. I told her I would start very slow and check with her to make sure she was OK. I made sure she knew the safewords and that she knew how to use them. I started on her slowly, just brushing the tails over her back. This was a showy flogger, in that it was large, and made a lot of noise when it struck you, but it was almost all thud, and the tails were very soft suede. One would really have to either really swing away or miss badly to hurt someone with this. I swung a couple of times and struck her so that the tails ‘popped’ on her back. I asked her if she was OK, and she shook her head affirmatively. I swung harder, and checked again. Eventually I got a really good rhythm going, and she was rising to meet my strokes. I stopped periodically to stroke her back, and kiss her. I told her how well she was doing, and she seemed to be really getting into it. Her back had some very nice red lines across it.

I got out a second flogger ‒ This one was also very showy, but in a different way. The tails were a beaded synthetic rubber, and there was no way to look at it and not be thinking about sting. I don’t care for sting very much, so I almost always use this flogger to visually show a submissive, but I rarely swing it more than a cursory flick, to get the sub’s mind in the right place.

My new friend had already done much more than I expected, so I decided to reward both of us. I removed her jeans, and all of my clothes. I put my hand between her legs, and she was dripping wet. I got a condom out of the toy bag and came up behind her. We once again found a fantastic rhythm, on a blanket hundreds of feet above the treeline, on a wind-swept mountain.

When things settled down, I pulled a second blanket over us, and I held her and kissed her, and told her how proud I was of her. She cuddled and cooed. Finally it was time for us to head back to town, so we gathered our things and headed back to the SUV.

As I started the vehicle, I asked her if she trusted me. She insisted that she did. I challenged her that she didn’t trust me as much as she thought. She insisted that she couldn’t imagine anything that she wouldn’t trust me with. The discussion lasted several minutes as we drove along the dirt road. We were still two or three miles from the main road, and probably 10 miles from the nearest structure, and 30 miles from town. I stopped the SUV.

“Get out.” I said.

She stared at me as if I was joking. I repeated myself, but more forcefully.

“Get out.”

I realized at that moment that what I said and did next was very important. It was important NOT to say, “If you trust me, get out.” The trust, which she said she had, was a given. She would either get out, or not. Telling her to get out should be enough.

The look on her face showed anger, confusion and a dozen other emotions.

Slowly I said, “Get out. Now.”

She opened the door of the SUV and stepped out. I said to her, “Shut the door.”

She looked at me with anger and contempt. She shut the door.

I drove off. The road went about 100 yards before turning, so that it would appear to her that I had driven away. When I drove out of sight, I stopped. I waited for a minute, and then I turned around and I came back. I told her to get in.

I asked her what she was feeling. She said she was angry, and she was thinking about how she would get back to town. I asked her, if she REALLY trusted me, why she would think that? “After all, if you know that I would never let harm come to you, how could you think that I could possibly leave you out here on a mountaintop?” I said.

I told her, at some point, perhaps with me, or perhaps with another Dom, she would find that trust, and with it would come a real peace, and it would open up a door for her.

I think she heard me. I don’t know if she ever found it.

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