The Submissive Woman - The Newbie, Part 1  

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The Submissive Woman - The Newbie, Part 1

It was two in the morning, and I had to run to the all night copy place (nameless here, but if you think about it, it is the one whose appearance would be most appropriate in this entry). I had been chatting with this woman all night, and I wanted to chat more, but I really needed to get the copying done before I crashed.

I sent her a message: "I need to run to the all night copy place. Would you like to meet me there?"

There was a pause. Finally she responded: "Sure."

My drive was shorter than hers, so I took the opportunity to actually do the copying that I needed to get done, even though the most important part of the evening now had very little to do with paper and toner. I was just walking out as she pulled up in front.

I extended my hand to her, and introduced myself. She smiled at me. She was actually much more attractive than I had imagined -- She had black hair, and a nice figure. She was wearing sweats and a flannel shirt, and that hid some of the less flattering curves, but nonetheless, she was very pleasing to visit with, and even more pleasing to fantasize about.

We chatted, and flirted a bit, standing in the dark parking lot. When I asked her to meet me at the copy place, I made it clear by implication that this was just a friendly face-to-face meeting... and there was no expectation of romance. When it became obvious that it was time to go, I told her that I would really like to see her again, and without saying so directly, I made it clear that I was hoping for something more interesting than standing in the parking lot of a strip mall.

She was a late night chatter, and I found her online pretty regularly. I flirted with her a little more aggressively, and finally she invited me over to her place one evening.

There was a lot more tension in the air this time, but we got through the awkwardness of the situation easily. We sat on her couch and talked, and finally I offered to give her a backrub. As I rubbed her back, we talked about sex, and I asked her if she had ever done any play with pain or sensations. She was definitely squeamish about pain, but curious about sensation play. I told her that one of the nice things about sensation play is that you can be creative - Almost anything you can imagine around the house can be used, as long as you're careful and creative.

She wanted to know more. I told her to take off her shirt, and lie face down. I went into the kitchen and gathered a few things and came back. I had a soda can, and a few pieces of dry spaghetti. I also got the obvious first choice, ice... which I was going to save for later. When I came back into the room, she was face down and topless on the couch. I sat next to her and started to brush her skin lightly with the dry spaghetti. The problem with dry spaghetti is that it is brittle, so you can't really do anything more than tickle someone with it as you brush it over their skin. You can actually be a bit more forceful if you hold it very close to the end you're brushing on the skin. No matter what, it is still a compromise over something that is designed for the task.

She seemed to like the sensations, so I switched over to the soda can. I rolled it on her back some, and set it on end and twisted it gently. I talked to her more about pain. I mentioned that pain didn't have to be blinding pain, it could just be a gentle sensation, and that when done right, there are all sorts of great rewards that come with it. She was warming up to the idea, when I tool out the ice. I ran it slowly down the middle of her back. She squirmed and gasped and squealed in twenty different ways. I drew patterns on her back with the ice, and the melting ice left a small puddle in the small of her back.

We continued on for a while longer -- I dried the melted ice off her back, and massaged her back some. It got quiet for a moment, and then she turned over on her back. She instinctively grabbed her shirt, which had been lying on the floor next to her. She covered her breasts with the shirt, and it fell haphazardly across her. she looked me in the eye, and said, "I want to explore more..."

I was thrilled, but unprepared. My bag of toys was at home, so anything more than improvisation was out of the question. Remembering what people say about so many things, "Always leave them wanting more," I told her that we should set up a date where I have the right tools, and we can really explore more thoroughly.

We were on for the following week.

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