Starting A Fire With Wet Matches  

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1/27/2006 7:18 am

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Starting A Fire With Wet Matches

I have an online friend that coincidentally lives not too far from me. What first drew me to her were some pictures that I saw of her -- She's a very attractive woman, and the pictures were very much the kind I like, where the person is mostly clothed and the sexuality/sensuality is in the eyes or the pose. I actually had an opportunity to meet her in person, at a luncheon... I didn't know she would be there. We chatted for just a few minutes, and she seemed very nice.

We've talked about getting together, and while in the abstract she's always interested, it has been hard to actually make it happen. She has a lot going on in her life -- a lot of responsibility, etc. and so time is a problem for her. However, sometimes I wonder if I just don't have the spark that gets the fire going in her. She seems to repsond best to some pretty overt flirting, but I am always a little reluctant to be that forward -- its not my style, even though I could deliver the goods, so to speak.

I wonder if it would be different sitting across a dinner table at a nice restaurant, or whether it would just be polite? I wonder if I should just pay attention to the signals and look elsewhere? Wonder if I should flirt harder?

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