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12/21/2005 2:37 pm

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I am faced with one of those dilemmas that is both a blessing and a curse...

We went to a gathering of sexy friends the other day, and we had a really good time. I brought my camera with me, because I had promised a friend that I would take some pictures of her (not the cheesecake kind, but something tasteful that you could show... well, maybe not family, but close friends, without them thinking you were a porn star). I especially like taking pictures of people that don't like having their picture taken, cause I can usually get them to relax enough that I can capture one or two really good ones, and now suddenly they have a nice photo of themselves.

At the right time during our gathering, I took the camera out, and took a few photos of the guests, including my friend. In Alaska it is dark in the winter, and I hate using a flash indoors -- everyone looks washed out and shiny, not to mention the dreaded red-eye. Anyway, as long as people didn't move too much, we were able to get some really nice pictues that really captured the essense of the party. Everyone wanted copies of their own pictures, which I dutifully distributed (don't ask me for copies, you need to ask the subjects of the images, they have them all -- privacy is the best policy).

Here's the dilemma -- I take pretty good pictures... but mostly cause I like taking them, and not because it is my kink. A few people are beginning to see my work (not that I am a professional, by any stretch... just a persistent amateur), and I am worried that I'll be defined in the community as 'the photographer'... It could be good... I might get invited to parties I might not otherwise be invited to... It could be bad... that I am a one-dimensional pervert... and scare off women to whom I would otherwise be interesting.

I really am a multi-dimensional pervert. Really! And I can put the camera away! I even leave it home most of the time!

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