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Orgasm Control

About 12 years ago, I was living in the San Francisco Bay area. I was driving to work one day, and the morning DJ/Talk Show Host on KITS-FM had a female guest on the radio that claimed she could have an orgasm simply by thinking about it -- A tantric orgasm. As any good radio talk show host would, he had her demonstrate, on the air.

The demonstration certainly sounded authentic, but you could imagine that any skeptical listener might think that the whole interview and demonstration was staged (which is to say, faked). The host claimed that not only did it sound authentic, but that it looked authentic, though I would wonder how compelling that view would be, if the guest is presumably not 'touching herself'.

Whether or not she actually came hardly mattered. It was certainly entertaining radio, and I had a 45 minute commute to work. I wasn't ready to go and research tantric sex, but a seed of an idea had been planted.

At some point a few months later, I was invited to visit an acquaintance's home. He was into the BDSM lifestyle, and he had two live-in female submissives. I knocked on the door, and I was greeted by a nude woman wearing a collar. It was a rather strange evening; after exchanging pleasantries, we sat around the living room, chatting. The subs were mostly quiet, unless they were addressed directly. One of the subs sat in a chair near me, and the other knelt on the floor next to her master. The second most interesting thing I saw that night was when the sub that sat near me took me to the kitchen, where she opened up the freezer. In there, she had about 100 feet of steel chain and combination padlocks; she liked being shackled with chain that was stored in the freezer. [NOTE: I like bondage as much as the next guy, but in my opinion, there are very few ways to make chains and padlocks safe. For the uninitiated, the problem with it is being able to get the submissive out of the chains quickly in the event of an emergency. If there's a fire, or a medical emergency, spinning off a half dozen padlocks takes too long.]

The first most interesting thing that I saw that evening was when the dom decided to show off one of the things he had trained his favorite sub to do. He took his index finger and touched the kneeling sub on the shoulder, and left it there. The sub immediately began breathing heavily, and was moaning within 20 seconds. Within a minute, she had an orgasm, initiated only by the gentle touch of her master on her shoulder. As soon as it was over, he did it again, and the result was the same, except that it happened more quickly the second time.

Here was a more tangible demonstration of the power of the mind during sex - at least, the power of the female mind. My dominant friend had shown me something that had tremendous practical application, and my mind raced with possibilities.

It never occurred to me to ask my new friend how he had trained his sub to cum on demand. If I was going to figure it out, I was pretty much on my own.

I did figure it out, but I wasn't really trying to do it when I made the discovery. I was engaged in a session of heavy breathing on the telephone with a woman friend that was in another city, when it happened. I had asked her specifically not to touch herself while we were talking, and as we teased and talked, her breathing became heavier and heavier, and finally she said to me, "I'm cumming."

I said to her "Hey, you weren't supposed to be touching yourself!"

"I wasn't!" she said.

Now that it had happened, and I had been a party to it (even if just on the telephone), I started trying to reproduce my results, and with reasonable success.

What a great discovery this was; not only had I trained someone to cum on demand, I could do it without touching her, or her touching herself, and I could do it over the telephone! The possibilities were almost endless -- At one point I worked for a paging company, and I toyed with the idea of building a radio-controlled egg, but with a vibrating pager at its core, so tickling your honey's honey was just a phone call away. However, I didn't need that now... I could just call and tell her to cum!

That was quite a few years ago, and there are a number of intervening chapters. Without going into all of the mundane details, I've learned that there are lots of neat things you can do with this skill.

I doubt that its possible to teach/train every woman to do this. However, when I started, I would have told you that probably less than one woman in 100 could do it. However, since I've started working on this, I've not come across a woman that couldn't do it.

I love that I am able to control my parner's orgasms. Its an incredible turn on to know that with just a word, or a phone call, or a touch of the finger, my partner is on her way. Its very hot!

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