On Second Thought...  

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On Second Thought...

I was at a club with a friend a few years ago... it was a Saturday night, and a large group of us had decided to go out. It was one of those evenings out where you and a friend were going anyway, and a third friend was going out with friends, and you decided to combine your evenings, and they were combining with someone else, and so on, and so on, etc.. So there were probably 20-25 people in our group, but some of them were people I had never met -- Friends of friends of friends.

After the requisite hanging around and having a drink or two, it became obvious that someone in our group (someone I didn't know) had raced ahead, and was already on number four or five. I knew that not because I was counting her drinks, but because of the intense flirting and hanging on guys that she was doing (I am sure that had this club been quiet enough for conversation, there was some slurred speech, too).

I was glad for her that she was having a good time, and it was kinda interesting in a flirty/sexual way that she was advertising as aggressively as she was. Nobody was saying to her, 'Get off of me, you drunken lush...' In fact, just the opposite: The guys were eating her attention up.

She paid attention to me, too... and I found it interesting and flattering (?) but alas, the logical conclusion, if there was one, I was not party to.

I bring this up after the fact, because for some reason, I was recently reminded of the incident and it got me thinking about what actually was the logical conclusion.

Logic is subjective, and when you're in a club and an attractive (but drunk) women is hanging off of you, your logic constructs a conclusion that might sound kinda fun. Feeding her additional drinks might further that scenario in your (and her) mind, but I doubt it actually turns out the way you're imagining.

What I find most interesting about this story is my initial reaction to the events. It was a positive, erotic fantasy without the obvious (and ignored) realities that accompany a lot of alcohol. In a lot of ways, it is not unlike the fantasy that one generates when you encounter a professional in the sex industry (a dancer, or a 'model', or a prostitute). In its most simple form, it is an erotic image that is at least neutral, if not positive, appealing to one's sexual urges. When you're repulsed by the first impression, its not because of the impression itself, but your image of the 'logical conclusion' - In those more obvious cases, the logical conclusion is a lot more clear, and probably not very pretty.

Today, I am kinda repulsed by them all.

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