Long Distance...  

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3/28/2006 12:59 pm
Long Distance...

Last summer I met an interesting person here on AdultFriendFinder. She was visiting from out of town and wanted someone to show her around. We had some chat and phone chemistry, but we never did get to connect in person. After she left, we kept in contact occasionally, sending polite notes back and forth, and occasionally chatting on the phone.

Recently, we've been in contact again more regularly, and a theme that has come up in our conversations is that she regrets that we didn't get together when she was here, and that she was just afraid to get together, and was concerned about how her and I meeting would play with my partner -- As it turns out, it would have been fine, and my partner and I actually discussed taking her around town and to some of the local sights together, but then her and I going off for some more private time alone. Anyway, there has been some flirting going on back and forth, but nothing too serious up to this point, but she has stated an interest in getting together, which on the surface, I am all for, since she is a very charming and beautiful woman.

What has me concerned here is that what would have been very easy and have an inherently low expectation -- that we get together when she was here visiting her family -- is no longer an option, since her family has left the area. So what is left is a decidedly higher-expectation encounter, including a plane trip (either her or me getting on a plane with the express purpose of us getting together).

Now I've done the 'get on a plane to get laid' thing (and the drive 400 miles to get laid thing), and those have their own pitfalls, to be sure. It also works, sometimes. The thing is, most of the times I do it there is a way to keep the expectations low -- that is, we're just getting together for fun, and not as a prelude to taking on a life partner. While this person knows that I have a partner already, it also has some strange elements that I can't seem to reconcile.

To be fair, she is a bit different from me culturally, so there is some possibility that I am just misunderstanding her, and that what we want is more or less the same. I wouldn't hesitate to get together with her if it was going to just 'happen'; that is, fate and circumstance had us in the same location at the same time, and getting together was no more complicated than picking a place for dinner, and a nice romantic inn for the weekend. At least in that case, we could go our separate ways if things didn't go well, and not feel too bad about things. But there's something in the message when you fly a long way to meet someone... And there's more to this story, too... More than I want to share in the blog. Suffice to say, the small head is not winning this argument.

Is there something rotten in Denmark?


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