Lanny's Folly, Part One  

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9/24/2005 6:49 pm

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Lanny's Folly, Part One

The street looked strangely familiar, even though I had never been to Amarillo. Probably not because of some sort of supernatural deja-vu, but because I had been on so many streets that looked and felt just like this one.

The scene was outwardly serene, but the full parking lot betrayed the crowd behind the doors. At some point earlier in my life, my youthful shyness would have called an early end to this particular evening. However, being older and presumably wiser, I thought to myself, they have gin and tonics here, just like everywhere else, and a drink or two would be nice, regardless of what else happens. [As an aside, on a recent trip to visit my parents, they took me to dinner at a restaurant that my father really enjoyed. The decor and the clientele were so stuffy and conservative, I could only imagine that they spent forty years building their following, and were simply living off their repeat busness as their regulars aged and died off. There was nothing even remotely attractive or sexy about this place, unless perhaps you were the Director of the CIA, who, according to my father, frequented the establishment. Having survived that experience, how much worse could this club be?]

When we want things to be a certain way, we often overlook the things that we should know or expect, because we're naive, or we don't want to discourage ourselves. Three of these things immediately jumped out to greet me: a gaudy yellow sign, a cloud of cigarette smoke, and a bouncer collecting a cover charge. Any one of the three should have told me I was making a mistake, but my new friends assured me that this was the place to be... Its a friendly crowd, and they would presumably show me around and introduce me to the group.

Thanks to the bouncer, I am a few dollars lighter. I walk in, and survey the scene... The place is dark, and loud, and very crowded, lots of couples chatting and laughing, and a steady diet of dance music coming from the sound system. An almost empty dance floor is off to one side, with lots of flashing, multi-colored lights. The only people dancing are a couple of women, dancing together. While I am sure its completely innocent, I could only imagine West Texas evangelists condemning the place, because they allow 'Lesbian Dancing'.

I am a stranger in a strange place. I walk through the crowd, looking for someone I've never met. I've seen a picture, and I can imagine that I would recognize their face from the photo, but I don't know. I am excited and nervous. I walk through the crowd, both making eye contact, and avoiding it at the same time...

More to come...

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