In a Thousand Years...  

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7/13/2006 9:29 pm

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In a Thousand Years...

What will people know of you in a thousand years? What do we know of people from a thousand years ago? Even with the advent of technology what will basically store every snippet of video for the rest of human history, the impact that you as an individual have is likely to be all but lost in the wash of billions of human souls.

At least, as a historical fact, that is the case. However, you, as a biological entity may live on for all of human eternity, in the form of the genes of your progeny.

A guy on here was complaining in his blog that everything on AdultFriendFinder should be about sex. I think everything that everyone writes is ultimately about sex. People work at their jobs for sex. People go on vacation for sex. Everything you do in life is about ultimately surviving and passing your genes on, and that means sex... or a test tube, but even in that case, someone spanked the monkey for that, too.

I write my blog. I hope people read it. Some people like it (at least, they say they do). I've met a few of them, and who knows, I might even sleep with one of them. So... when I write about how some bozo tried to rip me off for $2000 (see previous blog from today), it is so that my Y chomosome (and it's 45 other friends) live on in the gonads of little boys and men for all eternity.

I know the logic chain is long, but try to follow along, Poindexter!

curiousinlorain7 59F

7/15/2006 3:40 am

In one thousand years, some poor builder is going to be digging for his foundation and find this old set of bones that some museum is going to 'jones' for and stop his whole construction production, and boy is he going to be soooo mad at me!!!!

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