From what they tell me...  

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1/6/2006 2:19 pm

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From what they tell me...

I have heard variations of this story more than once...

Women I know (from AdultFriendFinder) will make arrangements to meet someone that they've met here. They then go to the meeting place, and they get stood up. Or, perhaps they get a note, but just a few minutes before, and the guy cancels. No explanations, no "I'm sorrys", no fuck yous... I guess when you say nothing at all, that is the same as 'fuck you'.

I can't imagine that. It is beyond my comprehension. Sure, things happen, and you have to cancel. I learned from personal experience that you don't want to go to your first meeting with a cold, because there is no way to make a good impression, and a thousand ways to make a bad one. But, I tell you what... if I was canceling a date with someone that I assumed that sooner or later I was going to be sleeping with, I would be apologizing eight ways to Sunday about missing my date.

From what they tell me, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Why is that? Is it just a lack of respect? Are they lying about something that makes it embarrassing or difficult to be more polite (like, the wife will find out)? How, for a guy, can that possibly be a successful strategy for meeting people on here?

What bugs me about all this is that people (read 'women') I contact on here are jaded and skeptical about meeting new people because they've been treated badly. I think it is a shame... but in some convoluted, backwards way, I am glad that there are boorish men out there, because that's not me, and I guess that makes me look good, in all my splendid mediocrity.

Now, none of this is to say that women are any different, really... I've gone to a meet and have been stood up. I used to fret about it a lot, but after a few times trying to figure out what happened, there seems to be a recurring theme -- any time you spend on them after you get up and walk out of the coffee shop is wasted time. However, women have some other, interesting strategies to not say what they're thinking. My answer to them: "Where's the clicker?"

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1/6/2006 4:51 pm

Gee this ass sounds familiar! I think we have a few pranksters on here who like to mess with us women!

Purry {=}


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