End of the Road Girl  

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5/29/2006 6:22 pm

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End of the Road Girl


My car was dusty, the air was dusty. I had just traveled sixty miles on a gravel road and arrived at it's end to find a raging glacial river, a foot bridge and a telephone.

The telephone is the connection between the parking lot on one side of the river and the town on the opposite side. And standing between me and the town was a young woman who was using the phone.

The woman was distinctive in a number of ways, most importantly, that she reminded me of women I had met in the past. Her hair was rather scattered. She wore a flannel shirt and faded jeans. And she was dusty, too. She was very involved in her conversation -- She was very animated and engrossed, and not particularly paying attention to the fact that a dozen people had just arrived and were waiting to use the phone.

I couldn't hear what she was saying over the rushing river. I imagined a half dozen different conversations that a woman might have while standing in the wilderness at the only payphone for 60 miles. And rather than interrupt her, I decided to walk to town...

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